Valentine’s Day Makeup 2017

Hey darlings, I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day, but today’s Friday and that’s even better ;) Anyway I wanted to share my Vday makeup here, I posted it on my beauty instagram on the actual day. Initially I wasn’t planning to do any looks, but I thought I should do atleast something. At first I wanted to draw hearts like tears, then I wanted little hearts under my eyes, but I’m terrible at this kind of stuff so it sucked and I settled for a few hearts on my shoulder. I hope you enjoy :*

Ciao care, spero avete passato un bel San Valentino ma oggi è venerdì e questo è ancora meglio :) Comunque, volevo postare il mio look di San Valentino anche qui, l’ho postato sul mio beauty instagram nel giorno San Valentino. A dire il pensavo di non fare nulla per questa festa  ma poi ho detto che devo fare almeno qualcosina. All’inizio volevo disegnare dei cuoricini come delle lacrime, poi volevo farli in colonna sotto gli occhi ma faccio schifo in ‘ste cose perciò ci ho rinunciato e mi sono accontentata di qualche cure sulla spalla. Spero vi piace :* 


Ignore my hand that I used to try out different eyeliners to use for the hearts


Have a lovely weekend loves!

Buon weekend tesori!

Makeup Look – Orange Fever

So the other day I was inspired to do something colorful and this orange monochrome look was born. This look makes me so happy, it’s so sunny and calls for spring <3 I hope you enjoy.

L’altro giorno ero ispirata a fare qualcosa di colorato e così è nato questo look arancione monocromatico. Questo look mi rende felice, è così solare e chiama la primavera <3 Spero vi piaccia.

20170210_123435_hdr 20170210_123357_hdr

The beautiful orange on my lids and lips is “Mars” from bh cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette. In the crease and under my eyes I used my beloved New-Trals vs Neutrals from Makeup Revolution.

Il bel’arancione sulla palpebra mobile e le labbra è “Mars” dellabh cosmetis Galaxy Chic palette. Nella piega e sotto gli occhi ho usato la mia amata New-Trals vs Neutrals della Makeup Revolution.

20170210_123340_hdr 20170210_123256_hdr

Let me know what you think. Take care and talk to you soon mwwahhh

Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate. Statemi bene e ci sentiamo presto mmmuuahhhh

MOTD #79 – Darker Than Most Days

Hey loves, hope everyone is doing well! Today I’m sharing this simple yet strong look. I don’t often wear darker lipsticks, but I was actually courageous enough to out with this look during daytime….with my kids. People in the park were probably like: What the fuck!? :D

Ciao carissime, spero state tutte bene! Oggi vi mostro un look semplice ma forte. Non indosso rossetti scuri molto spesso come sapete ma questa volta sono stata così coraggiosa da uscire di giorno con questo trucco…con i miei figli. Le persone al parco avranno pensato: Ma che cavolo!? :D


On my eyes I used New-Trals vs Neutrals palette by Makeup Revolution and on my lips I have Absolute Matte Lip Cream 625 Break the Rules by Aura kozmetica.

Sugli occhi ho usato la palette New-Trals vs Neutrals della Makeup Revolution e sulle labbra ho Absolute Matte Lip Cream 625 Break the Rules della Aura kozmetica.


On the pictures I only one layer of the liquid lipstick, it looked a little patchy so before I went out I added another layer and it was better that way. I have 5 of these lipsticks and the two darker shades are really hard to get on evenly. At first I was really disappointed but I tried a few times and got better at applying them so they look somewhat decent on.

Sulle foto ho solo uno strato di rossetto liquido, sembrava un po’ a macchie, così prima di uscire ho messo un altro strato ed era meglio. Ho 5 di questi rossetti e le due tonalità più scure sono difficily da applicare nel modo uniforme. All’inizio ero molto delusa ma ho provato ancora qualche volta e sono migliorata, ora riesco farli sembrare più o meno decenti.


Have a good start to your week :*

Buon inizio settiamana care :*

Let’s talk about Aquarius

The colorful parrots of the zodiac :) It’s been way too long since my last astrology post, a dear friend reminded me! These posts take time and focus which has been hard to come by since I got pregnant last year. Anyway, let me remind you that I am not an astrologer and these posts are not classical zodiac posts. These posts are about how I see the signs, what experiences I have had with them. I write them so you can maybe have a different point of view of the signs :)

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

When I was thinking about which sign to write about and what, the first  thing that came to my mind for Aquarius was sunshine! They are very sunny, happy, pleasant  and friendly people. This explains how they always a ton of friends and people who admire them. Aquarius peeps are funny and full of charisma. Geminis are always said to be the life of the party, but as a Gemini I have to admit that Aquarius is that 10 times. There is a reason why Geminis and Aquarius are always paired as the perfect buddies with their outgoing and bubbly characters.

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

One thing I love about this sign is that they have fun everywhere, every time with everyone! Whatever they’re doing, they will find a way to make that time playful. But don’t get me wrong, they are also very hard workers. They are definitely one of the workaholics of the zodiac. But back to fun, when I was little my brother (who is an Aquarius) always played with me, brought me to the amusement park, built igloos with me, harnessed our dog in front of the sleight for me, let me play doctor on him (aka torture him). He was definitely never ashamed to be hanging out with his little sister and brought me everywhere with him. Did I say they were funny, no, they are hilarious! Me and my mom seriously pee ourselves every time my brother starts talking about something that happened to him or talking about people!

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

I’m sure you have heard how Leos have a king/queen complex and Aquarius has a god complex instead. Leos feel that they are better than others, but Aquarius feels that what they are doing/creating is the best. Not throwing shade at dear Aquas, just saying that they truly believe they are the best at what they do. And as I said they are very hard workers so fair enough!

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

If you’re wondering who are the biggest Casanovas of the zodiac…you’ve found them :D I can’t say that about the lady Aquariuses although we are all wondering if our grandpa is really our grandpa, cause  our Aquarius grandma was a naughty girl :D  Since Aquarius is the most free-spirited and open-minded of the zodiac it’s no wonder they’re always searching for novelty and new stimulations. I’ve seen many Aquarius men cheat but I truly don’t think they do it on purpose. They really do fall in love deeply with someone, it’s just that they get distracted quickly and fall in love with someone knew. They don’t mean to hurt anyone. I should’ve know I was fucked when my Aquarian boyfriend said to me, that if we’ll ever break up he won’t be sad, but will think of the  beautiful memories. I obviously didn’t feel the same way and soon he was gone with someone else and I was left with worst heartbreak ever. But of course this stuff depends a lot also on the persons Venus, Moon and other placements in the birth chart.

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

They are also the rebels, the daredevils, the badasses of the zodiac. They love adventure and trying out knew things. They are the ones getting on the scariest ride in the amusement park, they are the ones eating cockroaches in China and frogs in France, they are the ones to who crazy funny things happen to! They are dreamers with thousands ideas running through their minds and this often makes them forgetful which leads to forgetting their wallet on the top of the car, driving away from a gas station with the pump still attached and letting their dog out to pee during a long drive then driving away without the dog… All three of these have happened to my brother….LOL

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

For now I think I’ve said all I had. So dear Aquarius keep on being an awesome badass, we all love you just the way you are <3

I hope you enjoyed my point of view about Aquarius or learned something new. Whether you’re an Aquarius yourself or you know one, leave me your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to know about your experiences.

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Imbolc 2017 – Our First

Remember when I said in my 2016 new years resolutions that I wanted to start celebrating the pagan holidays? But then I found out I was pregnant and all my resolutions went out of the window. Even though I’m struggling with an infant and two older kids I somehow managed to celebrate Imbolc and it felt great.


It all started when I decided to show and talk to my kids about what’s gonna come in February, festivities, birthdays and stuff. So I started explaining what Imbolc was – they weren’t impressed and left me hanging. But after a little they came back and I told them about the activities they started to be more interested. My six year old ran to re-organize their drawings shelf, cause Imbolc includes spring cleaning :D I explained to them, what an altar is and what to put there. My eight year old started pointing out some things we already had that could be used and I started thinking “hey, I might pull this off this year”. So I grabbed some things and set up my first ever altar.


I laid out a small christmas tablecloth that has candles on it and is white, so it suits perfectly. I had two candles hanging around, white and red – Imbolc colors, perfect. Next I poured some mustard seeds in a bowl. Imbolc is all about the seeds and I wasn’t gonna use them for cooking anyway. I was looking up everything Imbolc related and saw that I also had two crystals that are suitable for this festivity, onyx and amethyst, so I placed them on the altar. I told my husband to buy me some white or red, or vanilla or orange scented candles for my altar and he comes back with green apple and brown candles… I was so upset I almost cried, emo much? Lol, he went back to change them. I really wanted some purifying/cleansing incense, but the nearest shop is closed when hubs finishes working and it’s impossible fgor me to go there with all the kids, bus and the stroller. But atleast I got some beautiful fresh white & yellow flowers <3

I know I don’t have any Brighid related things in my altar, but I prefer to focus on the nature side of these festivities. Maybe in the future I’ll start including Gods and Goddesses, but for now one step at the time. I worship Nature and celebrate it’s changes.


The night before the kids made a buttered bread with sprinkles to put outside for the fairies.  In the morning we made sweet scrambled eggs for breakfast, cause you know eggs and dairy are an Imbolc food. Then I made a version of the Imbolc braided bread with raisins and boy did it turn out great, so soft and yummyyyy, paired with a glass of milk- heaven.


In the afternoon we went for a walk to see if there were any signs of spring. The sun was shining, snow melting and I heard birds singing for the first time during the winter! It might snow again and get colder, but for Imbolc it was the perfect spring weather. The kids jumped in puddles and we looked for buds. Then in the evening we found a bug inside walking on the wall and my six year old started shouting:”A bug, it’s a sign, another sign of spring!” :D I laughed and helped the little fella outside.


In the evening I planned to take a long bath, drink herbal tea and do an oracle reading but I passed out and half past nine without even taking off my makeup… #momlife Unfortunately this is the life as a mother, exhaustion catches up here and there. But overall I’m glad we got to celebrate, it’s the intention that counts :) The kids were excited and hopefully it’s a start of a long family tradition!


Have a beautiful weekend!

MOTD #79 – Undress Me Too

Today I have a neutral look to share with you.  I love doing looks with only one palette and this time I used Undress Me Too from MUA. It has to be my favorite palette from them :)

Oggi ho un trucco neutro da farvi vedere. Adoro creare dei trucchi con solo una palette e questa volta ho usato la Undress Me Too di MUA. Deve essere la mia palette preferita di loro :)

LG G4 behind camera
LG G4 behind camera



Canon ixus 133

essence camouflage concealer cream 10 natural beige
Revlon color stay foundation 150 + Bioten cc cream light
Malinka Silk effect Compact Powder 02
KIKO Cool Muave Contouring palette
BH cosmetics 10 colour blush palette
flormar Mono Eye Shadow 15 (I use it as a highlighter)


essence I <3 stage eye base
MUA Undress Me Too eyeshaow palette
essence get BIG! lashes triple black mascara + essence Forbidden volume false lash mascara topcoat
Aura Power Lashes 03 Shaggy Dream

essence lash & brow gel mascara + eyebrow stylist 01 natural brunette

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick The One
essence xxxl shine gloss 04 Rising Star

LG G4 frontal camera

Have you tried this palette or maybe other palettes from MUA?

Hai provato questa palette o magari qualche altra palette di MUA?

MOTD #78

Hello my dear ones. On Sunday my parents-in-law came over for a moment so I used the time to do my makeup.

Ciao mie care! Domenica sono venuti i suoceri per un attimo ed ho usato il tempo per truccarmi.


The beautiful light blue is Uranus (it’s called Electra now) from bh cosmetics Galaxy palette and all the browns are from their 120 color eyeshadow palette (1st edition). On my lips I’m wearing a liquid lipstick by a Serbian brand called Aura, in shade 613 Good Vibes.

Il bellissimo azzurro è Uranus (ora sembra si chiama Electra) dalla Galaxy palette di bh cosmetics e tutti neutri sono del loro 120 color eyeshadow palette (1st edition). Sulle labbra indosso un rosseto liquido di una marca serba, Aura, nella tonalità 613 Good Vibes.


My eyebrows need an intervention tho’ :D I’m so sorry you have to see this horror, but I really don’t have time.

Le mie povere sopracciglia hanno bisogno di un intervento però :D Mi dispiace che dobbiate a testimoniare a questo orrore ma ho davvero pochissimo tempo.


Kisses & talk to you soon!

Baci e ci sentiamo presto!

2 Makeup Looks: Peach & Green

I am so sad that I don’t have enough time to blog or to do makeup looks. Today I’m just sharing two looks I managed to do but they are super sloppy and not really a post worthy. Lately I have less and less time, the more our baby grows the more attention he need. Soon the dreaded time of crawling and walking will begin and then I’ll be totally fucked :D I am trying to be a better housewife and keep the house as clean and organized as possible. The thing is that I have a lot of big things to tackle, then it should be just daily maintenance and hopefully I’ll have more time….hopefully……

Sono davvero triste di non avere abbastanza tempo per bloggare e fare dei trucchi. Oggi condivido con voi due trucchi che sono riuscita fare ma non sono abbastanza sciatte e non all’altezza di un post. Ultimamente ho meno e meno tempo, più cresce il pupetto più attenzioni ha bisogno. Presto arriverà il terribile periodo del gattonare e camminare e a quel punto sono fottuta del tutto :D Sto cercando di essere una casalinga migliore e tenere la casa più pulita ed organizzata che posso. Il fatto è che ho molte cose grosse da recuperare/finire, dopo dovrebbe essere solo manutenzione e spero di avere più tempo…..spero……

20170119_140814_hdr 2looks2 img_20170124_164244

Right now I do my makeup in 5 minute pieces and with a wiggly grabbing baby. Usually it goes like this. I do my concealer, foundation and eyebrow gel. After 30-60 minutes I come back and do my brows and half of my eyeshadow part. Then after another 30 minutes I’ll continue while trying to entertain a 5 month old so I’m not even paying attention to what I’m doing. So we have eyeshadow and eyeliner done, let’s say it’s a good day and I can finish my mascara as well. Then I’ll try to contour, blush and highlight with a baby in my arms while tries to get a hold of my brush, licks my face and pulls my hair….That my friends is motherhood :D Then after other 30-60 minutes he is asleep and I can do my lips and take pictures….. Sound fun and totally not exhausting, am I right?

Adesso faccio il mio trucco in pezzetti di 5 minuti e con un bebè dondolante che vuole prendere tutto. Di solito va più o meno così. Metto il correttore, fondotinta e gel per sopracciglia. Dopo 30-60 minuti torno e faccio le sopracciglia e metà degli ombretti. Dopo altri 30 minuti continuo mentre cerco di far divertire un bimbo di 5 mesi quindi non sto neanche prestando attenzione a quel che faccio. Quindi abbiamo finito ombretti e eyeliner, diciamo che è un giorno buono e riesco mettermi anche il mascara. Poi cerco di fare il contouring, il blush e l’illuminante con lui in braccio che cerca di prendere tutto, mi lecca la faccia e mi tira i capelli….Questo amiche mie è la vita da mamme :D Poi dopo altri 30-60 minuti lui dorme e posso fare le labbra e fare delle foto. Sembra divertente e per niente stancante vero?

img_20170123_153504 2looks1 img_20170123_153108

Kisses and hopefully talk to you soon! <3

Bacioni e spero di sentirci presto! <3

Makeup Look: My First Cut Crease


Hello loves, how are you? I finally took some time for myself to play with makeup, so I tried the cut crease for the first time. As soon as I started I thought I was fucked :D But I kept going and it didn’t turn out as awful as I expected.

Ciao dolcezze, come state? Ho finalmente preso un momento per giocare un po’ col trucco, così ho provato la famosa cut crease per la prima volta. Appena cominciato ho detto, sono fregata :D Ma ho continuato e alla fine non è uscito così terribile come temevo.


By the way I’m wearing a different lip on the first two pictures, it was some kind of a sideways ombre, but I wasn’t loving it so I switched it up with a gloss.

Sulle prime due foto indosso una combinazione diversa sulle labbra, era tipo un ombre ma non mi piaceva troppo così l’ho cambiato con un gloss.


I should’ve gone with more dramatic and perfect brows for this look. I’ll know better next time :)

Dovevo fare le sopracciglia più perfette e drammatiche per questo look, saprò meglio la prossima volta :)


Leave me your thoughs on this look. Do you thin I did ok for my first time? Any tips? Have you tried cut crease looks?

Lasciatemi il vostro parere sotto. Sono andata bene per la mia prima volta? Avete mai provato il cut crease? Qualche suggerimento?

Empties #22

It’s time to talk about used up products again :)

È di nuovo ora di parlare di prodotti finiti  :)


essence stay all day concealer

It’s a great lightweight concealer to illuminate your under eye area. I keep repurchasing it.

È un ottimo correttore leggero per illuminare l’area sotto gli occhi. Lo ricompro sempre.

Maybelline colorsensational cream gloss

This one is expired. I don’t remember using it all :(

Questo gloss è scaduto ormai, non mi ricordo di averlo usato neanche un po’ :(

essence multi-action volume mascara

It’s definitely not a volumizing but I did enjoy using it as a base for other mascaras. It has a really nice spoolie, I think I might repurchase it.

Decisamente non volumizzante ma mi è piaciuto usarlo come base per altri mascara. Mi piace l’applicatore e penso di comprarlo ancora.

Velnea Milk & Honey lip balm

I’ve mentioned these balms more than once. I can’t get enough of these!

Parlo sempre di questi burro di cacao, sono ottimi!


Velnea Refreshing Toner

A gentle toner.

Un toner delicato.

Mixa Intensive Care Dry Skin Body Balm

I looove this especially for my second son who has atopic dermatitis. I also did a review on this a while back.

Lo adoro, specialmente per il mio figlio con la dermatite atopica. L’ho anche recensito tempo fa.

Dove purely pampering nourishing shower gel

Nothing special

Niente di speciale


Spa Master professional Arganic line Repair Shampoo

A decent shampoo, I can’t say much cause my husband used most of it. But the few times I used it I liked it.

Uno shampoo decente, non so dire molto perché l’ha usato maggiormente mio marito. Ma le volte che l’ho usato mio è piaciuto.

Herbal Time nourishing hair mask

I liked the shampoo that went with this, but I’m not crazy about this mask. Also it says to use as a conditioner not mask. Anyway it didn’t do anything for my hair.

Mi è piaciuto lo shampoo della stessa linea ma non vado matta per questa maschera. Sulla confezione dice di usarla come balsamo ma in ogni caso non ha fatto niente per i miei capelli.


Do you have any glosses or lipsticks that expired without you even using them?

Anche voi avete dei gloss o rossetti scaduti che nemmeno avete usato?