May Photo a Day Challenge

Ho trovato questa idea carina dal blog di All Things Lady, l’idea mi è piaciuta molto quindi ci proverò anche io =) In pratica bisogna fare e pubblicare una foto ogni giorno di maggio della tema indicato sotto sull’immagine. Vuol dire che dovrete sopportarmi TUTTI i giorni di maggio! :P

I found this cool idea on All Things Lady blog and I loved it, so I will be trying it out =) What you need to do is to publish a photo every day of may about the topic given down below. This means you will have to put up with me EVERY day of may! :P



10 thoughts on “May Photo a Day Challenge

      1. Ooh how nice, I hope you get one soon :D I have a really crappy camera, for my posts I use my boyfriends’ dslr. Sometimes I feel bad, he hasn’t used it once since he got it, it has been always with me :D


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