Sunday – Feeling Blessed & Being Inspired

Happy Sunday everyone. I thought I’d share some stuff with you from my pinterest board that has inspired me or made me think. Because today I feel blessed, I feel part of something bigger, I feel ready to face life again…..

I hope you all may feel blessed and inspired today! Just don’t stop searching, don’t stop beliving and don’t stop loving! 



12 thoughts on “Sunday – Feeling Blessed & Being Inspired

    1. I’m glad this post arrived to you in the right moment!; I can totally understand you, I always let everything to get to me and I just can’t let things go either it’s something that made me angry or something that someone said or an embarrasing situation, I just go on and on and on about it in my mind. But the first thing to do always is to just breathe, no matter how cliché or stupidly simple this might sound! I hope you will feel better today! xxx


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