Should I?

Holaaaa! Un questo momento sono al lavoro e scrivo con il mio telefonino. É che stamattina ho comprato una rivista, che si chiama “TRUCCO&bellezza” e ho trovato tanti look da creare step-by-step. Così pensato di chiedervi se vi potrebbe piacere, se ci provassi a crearli e quali? Ho scattato delle foto per farveli vedere, quali vorreste che provasse o quali dovrei creare per primo?

So helllloooo, right now I’m at work writing with my phone, cause I have a question for you. I bought this italian magazine this morning “MAKEUP&beauty” and I found some beautiful step-by-step makeup looks and I thought, that maybe I should try to recreate them for you guys. Should I? I took some photos with my phone, if you think I should try them, then let me know which ones I should do first.






Un bacione e buona giornata!

Kiss kiss and have a great day!


43 thoughts on “Should I?

    1. 2 è il mio preferito perché è così….me :) 5 e 6 sono dei bellissimi trucchi queste foto non li rendono giustizia. Ora spero di trovare del tempo e di non aver parlato troppo presto! :D

      Ma tu come stai cara? Non ci sentiamo da un po’. Un bacione!


  1. My favs are 2 and 8! :D :D missed you so much!! I hope everything is well, I haven’t been online since I’m trapped between moving, studying, becoming a mother (to a kitten hihi) and getting a different internet service. But I am trying to catch up and say hello at least, I hope I’ll be back for good soon. Can’t wait to see these looks! :D :D


    1. Ohhh how many new stuff you’ve got going on!! Your moving? To your own place? That’s awesome and you’re hav,ing a kitten!!!! Yuppppyyyyy :D Thank you for coming to say hello even though you are busy <3 We should shat sometimes like in skype or something! And about the internet, it's such a pain in the ass! We have changed it so many times and the connection just keeps getting worse :S I'll probably hav,e to start with the looks on Sunday & Monday cause these are my free days :) I wanted to start already this Monday but Pinterest got me and I have been playing the perfect housewife for a week, organizing and cleaning everything lol :D:D:D:D Hugs and Kisses!!!!!!!


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