OOTD #6 – Heart sweater

Ciao ragazze, inauguriamo questa settimana con un outfit-post. Non ne faccio molto spesso per vari motivi tra cui il fatto, che esco sempre e solo con i bimbi e l’altra cosa è che mio marito non riusciamo collaborare su questa cosa – lui vuole fare le foto in un modo e io in un altro, poi mi dice che sono il peggior soggetto da fotografare perché mi muovo sempre eccetera eccetera :D Va beh, alla fine ce l’abbiamo fatta però ;)

Hey girls, let’s start off this week with an outfit post. I don’t do them very often for various reasons which include the fact I never go anywhere without my kids and me and my husband just can’t collaborate when it comes to taking photos! He wants to do them in one way and me other, then he says I’m the worst even subject to take pictures of cause I never stand still :D And I answer that he doesn’t give me time to prepare and that he’s slow :P Oh well, but we made it ;)


Sweater/Maglione – A cinese shop/Negozio cinese di Valenza

Jeans – Got them from my sister-in-law. The Hello Kitty on the butt is not original ofcourse, but I kinda like to have her there /Me li ha dati la mia cognata. Hello Kitty ovviamente non è originale, ma ce l’ha messo la proprietaria precedente e a me non mi dispiace averla lì

Booties/Stivaletti – BonPrix

Scarf/Sciarpa -Little boutique called Vanity/ Dal negozietto Vanity

Belt/Cintura – BonPrix


Eccoli i miei piccoli diavoletti, che corrono dietro e l’ombra del grande diavolo, che fa la foto ahhahh

There they are, my little devils running behind me and the big devil’s shadow while taking a photo lol

– – –


Niente di speciale, solo un look casual per una giornata con la mia famiglia a fare due passi e un salto nel supermercato.

Nothing special, just a casual look for a day with my family to take a little walk and to go in the mall.

– – –



Questa è la mia faccia da “Sole in faccia” :D

This is my “Sun in the face” face :D

– – –


– – –

Il mio trucco

My makeup


Face/Viso – essence Match2Cover concealer

KIKO Skin evolution foundation 101 Ivory

Neve cosmetics mineral blush Bombay

KIKO Colour Correction Concealer Wheel (highlighter/illuminante)

Eyes/Occhi – MUA Undress Me Too (Devotion & Shy)

essence gel eyeliner

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless mascara

Lips/Labbra – L’Oreal Glam Shine Cream, Sparkling Red 206

– – –

Buon lunedì a tutte! ♥
Happy monday y’all! ♥




44 thoughts on “OOTD #6 – Heart sweater

  1. Mi piace il tuo heart sweater e il tuo casual look ! Il truccho dei occhi e la bocca sono stupendi, non troppo ma proprio giusto per durante il giorno e devo anche aggiungere che adoro il colore dei i tuoi capelli che si notava subito con i riflessi del sole ! Sei bellissima :) !


  2. Uuuh love your booties :D I am glad you went out a little, I know you say you don’t go much :D Aaaand idi you cut your hair recently? Or you just might have a while ago and I didn’t notice like a bad friend that I am o_0 you look so cute <3 I totally get you on the taking pictures part, my boyfriend never ever wants to do it, I think he would rather walk around with a tampon on his forehead than take some pictures of my outfit :D


    1. Thanks love ^_^ Yes, you’re right about the not going out part :D I did cut them a month ago or so, they needed it and I was in a bad mood so I just felt like cutting it but now I want them to grow back already!!! Hahhhhhahahha my husband was better when he didn’t want to take photos, now he thinks he’s a photo-genious and he makes me feel soooo uncomfortable in front of the camera! I wish you were here!!!!!! So we could live happily ever after and take unlimited amounts of pictures!!! :D


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