December 10th – Winter snacks

Una certa persona ( Maria da Amriaa blog ) ha suggerito, che dovrei fare un post con gli snack e dolcetti invernali, potevo dire di no? Certo che no! :)

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One particular person ( Maria from Amriaa blog) suggested I made a post about winter snacks and sweets, could I say no? Of course not! :) Hope you enjoy this sweetie ^_^

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E ora buona fortuna a mangiare sani muaahhhahahhaha

And good luck eating clean now muahhhahahhaaa


32 thoughts on “December 10th – Winter snacks

    1. Ho in programma di fare un post parlando di cibi natalizi estoni ma a dire la verità ci sono un più le cose salate.Come dolcetto simbolico ci sono sempre i biscottini di zenzero. Diciamo che il tavolo salato è quasi uguale tra tutti in Estonia mentre con i dolci ci si può fare quello che vuole :)


  1. SI sono bellissimi, ma mi chiedevo li sai anche fare?!? Quelli a forma di babbo natale con le fragole e la panna sono stupidissimi…certo non è propria la più natalizia delle combinazioni. Bel post.


  2. I am now craving everyone of these ahahahaha :D thank you for this post and for the apetite you gave me :D I am preparing to meet my boyfriend so I will tell him that we should go for cupcakes or smth rhight away.


    1. Hahhhhhaaa in that case it’s the perfect timing :) I wish I could have cupcakes too right now, like for dinner :P Maybe I could make pancakes for dinner….Sounds like a good idea :D


        1. Yesss!!! I am the worst mom, it’s not the first time I skip a proper meal to eat something sweet :P But in my defence the last times it was pancakes with apples and a pumkin cake, apple & pumkin are fruit & veggies which are good for us so…… :P


            1. I really wish I could teach my kids to eat healthy all the time but I am such an awful example! Me and my crazy cravings :P I hope you get some yummy cupcakes tonight ;) And I will learn to make those yummy cupcake topping so I can make a bunch of cupcakes for myself (and eat them secretly :D)!!!!!


              1. I hate that I can never make those toppings to make my cupcakes pretty…Oh, I do sometimes burn them, if carbon is considered a topping then I just might have nailed it :D I don’t judge, I would do the same, eat them all haha


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