10 things I learned in 2013

Scusate ragazze, ma sono troppo pigra per scrivere questo post in due lingue, è troppo lungo. Spero non vi dispiace leggerlo in inglese, se no potete tradurlo con google traduttore <3

Hello lovlies, two of my lovely blogger friends ( Amriaa & Luchessa) already did this post & I thought it would be nice to it too. 

1. Friendship & goodness in people

Last years have been rough on me when it comes to friends, I already lost a bunch when I moved to Italy and when I became a mom I lost more of them and then I lost some more because of useless drama they made (good I had many friends hahhaa) and I haven’t been bonding too much with anyone anymore, I had some bad experiences with new friends here in Italy as well so at some point I just decided to cut it and not to reach out to anyone, not to try to make new friends and gave up on friendship completely. But this year I started this blog I got to know so many sweet and loving people, who restored my faith that there is goodness in people and maybe friendship is not a lost art. And I also got closer again with my oldest BFF from Estonia (read about her here) & made peace with another longtime girlfriend. I want to thank all of you for that and to give out a special thanks to some of the special ladies out there with who I have become very close ♥ I’m sure they know who they are =)

2. To be less lazy

I can be super productive and active, when it comes to work and so, but I’m ashamed to admit that at home I’m a big lazyass… This year I tried to kick myself as much as I could to do more and I’m happy to say I did get better. I’m not there yet cause I’m also pretty stubborn and I hate being told what to do, even when I myself tell me what to do!  Let me just say I’m on a good path.

3. To listen my husbands advice

As most of you know my husband is a martial arts-kung fu master and he has a wide knowledge of chinese medicine, nutrition & all health related stuff and in 8 years Ihave NEVER done something he’d advise me to do….I know, poor man…. This year, halleluuja, I finally took his advice and actually did the exercises he gave for a health issue and Whoa I was amazed how well it worked!!! I was so suprised of the results I got. Why am I so damn stubborn and never listened to him before, whyyyyyy!?

4. To spend more time with my kids

I stay with my kids 24/7 & have been since they were born, I don’t have anyone to help me with them and I don’t do alone time or go somewhere without them BUT I never really spend time with them, I just feed, wash and care for them. I am a very impatient person so I find it hard to sit down and play with them and stuff but this year I have improved a lot also in this. They are happy and I am happy :)

5. To be thankful

Economically this hasn’t been a good year at all, but that has made me appreciate more the little things and taught me to be more thankful for what I have. I am even thankful for being so poor this year hahhhaa cause it has taught me so much! 

6. Self control

Another veeery difficult thing for a gemini person, but I have made babysteps forward of which I am very proud!

7. My connection with nature

Most of the time I have lived in Italy, I lived in a big city (which I hated) and I didn’t have the chance to take walks in the nature and all stuff like that and at the end I kind of started to forget about how much I enjoyed it and how much I loved to be outside in the middle of the green. Fortunately a year and a half I moved in a small town and I have begun to remember what a tree hugger I once was :D I love it! Estonians are known for their nature loving culture and nature spirits and gods back in time and I embrace it all.

8. Remembering who I am

In 2013 I finally started to feel like myself again, last years have been like a weird dream, like I wasn’t myself, like I wasn’t really partecipating in my own life and now I have started living again. Finally I feel alive and I’m starting to remember who I was and who I am

9. Letting in the sadness

I am learning to not to be afraid of the sadness and sad emotions. I have been blocking every sad thought, memory and feeling, I got tired of that in 2013 and I have been trying to let it all pass through me and learn to let in again like I did when I was younger. Also this is still a work in progress but I’m proud of myself to keep going =)

10. Determination

Yet another characteristic that us geminis don’t have :D But I have been working on it and I am proud of my progress! Take a look at my first post I did on this blog in January, I listed some things I wanted to do this year and I have done my best to do so all year, so that makes me pretty damn determinated hahhhaa I have a more personal list wrote down as well and I did a good job there too, one of the goals was to keep blogging and to make this blog to grow and to be better – I think I did  a pretty good job. =)

In few words, I am proud of myself this year! I have grown a lot as a person, many of my accomplishments were things others don’t necessarily see, little things I changed inside of me, a way of thinking and acting. So Goodbye 2013  thanks for all the things you tought me, thank you for all the good things and thank you for all the lessons you gave me! This is the first time I am quite sad to see a year ending, hopefully 2014 will be a good one and I will continue to try to be a better person!

I wish you all a great New Years Eve! Lots of love to all of you ♥


20 thoughts on “10 things I learned in 2013

  1. Questo post è molto bello e a quanto pare devi essere orgogliosa di te stessa brava! Ho ben presente il punto 4, anche io sono poco paziente e mi devo impegnare per mettermi a giocare con Caterina


  2. Oh hunni!
    1. Friends come and go, its part of life I think everyone we meet has a purpose they build us up and can tear us down. But that’s ok as we always grow, the toxic friends don’t deserve to have a place by your side. I’m glad to have “met” so many amazing people in the blogosphere as well :)
    8. Its something that I understand,when living in another country its sometimes hard to remain true to yourself. Every thing is different from what you know and people have their own culture, its hard not to lose part of yourself trying to fit in.
    9. Being emotional is ok… if it wasn’t we wouldn’t have them. Embrace the sad times and appreciate the good xx

    wishing you all the best for 2014! Steph x


    1. You are right about nr.1 I had really hard time accepting it first place but now I’ve learned the lesson =) I didn’t know you also lived in a different country, maybe you’ve mentioned it but my memory is not the best lately….I should work on that on 2014 hahahha *Went to see your about page to find out hehhee* Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loving comments! Wishing you much love and a wonderful 2014! <3 Xx


      1. I was born in London, lived there til 2006 when I moved to Malta, quite a change hehe! Culture is very different so I can imagine that Italy would be a similar culture shock to you.

        So many things to remember ;) take care hunni xx


  3. It’s great to be able to recognize the errors that were done, but also the personal development & growth. It keeps us all in balance. As soon as you accept yourself with all of your goods and bads, you are going to feel happy. Glad to read you got some of your faith in friendships back, so did i. For me it was simply important to close a past chapter and it was only possible by reuniting with some people from the past & clear the fog between us.

    Start your 2014 fresh & clean, with the best hopes & dreams :) xo


  4. This was a great post Mammu. I loved reading it. I also have lost a lot of friends in the past 3 years. I lost my best friend of 13 years who was more like my sister than my friend. We did absolutely everything together, travelled the world, and could not live without each other. We had such a great bond that we thought was unbreakable. It was sad when it all ended but you know what, I don’t even consider it LOSING anymore. I feel if people are meant to be in your life, they will be. Some people are only meant to come in for a short time or a while but to learn a life experience through them and when the purpose is served there is no more need for them to be around. I used to mourn loss of friendships but now I just feel they were removed from my life for a reason.


    1. I’m so sorry to hear that, even though you’re in a better place now I can totally understand how painful that must’ve been! You’re a strong and a smart girl and you won’t let anyone to bring you down! I feel the same way that everything has a reason and I’m better off without certain people in my life who were bad for me and I’ve learned the lesson to not to trust anyone who puts on a smile! At the end of the day it’s good to know that we have learned a lot along the way and we get stronger and better with every experience! And you know what? It’s their loss, we’re too cool for them anyway hahhhaaa <3 Sending you lots of love and hope you'll have an awesome New Years Eve! Xx


  5. I loved reading this sweetie :) I too am very stubborn and need to practice self control more :P I’m always here if you want to chat! <3 I don't have many friends either, people annoy me haha. And I have loved connecting with you <3


    1. Thank you so much love! <3 Too bad only that half of your day I'm still sleeping & half of my day you're already on bed :D And yes people are annoying, the world gets dumber every minute! Thanks for being here <3 Xx


  6. Ciao bella, che belle cose ho letto su di te e ho visto che hai imparato tanto anche conoscerti meglio te stesso ! Sono cose che fanno parte della nostra vita e e” molto curioso, alcune non imparano mai niente ma invece tu sei andata avanti e ti sei arrichita e maturata ! Trovo anche molto bello :) il punto nr. 5 dove hai detto che quest”anno non e”stato un grande anno economicamente ma hai imparato di apprezzare anche le cose piccole e avendo meno da spendere hai anche imparato molte cose ! Sei una persona molto franca e sincero e ti auguro un nuovo anno bellissimo con molto salute e che con tante cose che hai desidirato ci possono averare ! Un bacio – Serach :) !


    1. Io credo che nasciamo proprio per quello, per imparare perché la vita é una grande scuola dove ognuno ha scelto le lezioni da frequentare e quando abbiamo imparato quelle passiamo nella prossima classe. Poi trovo stupendo di scoprire nuove cose o trovare qualcosa di nascosto dentro di me =) Grazie mille per le bellissime parole Serach, anche tu sei una persona stupenda con un cuore grande grande e anche molto dolce <3 Ti auguro tanta felicitá e tante cose belle per l'anno nuovo, a te e alla tua famiglia! Un grosso abbraccio a te e alle tue figlie che sono belle e dolci come te <3


      1. Hahaha……..grazie amica mia, fai una bellissima serata insieme all tua bella famiglia (anche le tue figli maschi belli non scherzano), e strappi una buona bottiglia per un nuovo anno splendido ! Tanti sinceri abbracci, Serach <3


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