Throwdown Thursday: Osiria Rose

So, Amy’s husband Shane had an idea we should do a challenge, where we take inspiration of flowers he chose for us.  I got the beautiful Osiria Rose, to which I didn’t do much justice…. I always start out with an idea in my mind and end up with something completely different! I’ll just say:”But I was still sick…” :D Check out Amy’s blog for her look, Etta and Maria should have their looks out in a bit as well.

Here’s my look. Ok, you saw now stop looking and forget you ever saw it. Bye bye :D


Have a great day people! Unfortunately my kids have a fever again, they just don’t stay still for a second so no wonder it’s back :(


17 thoughts on “Throwdown Thursday: Osiria Rose

    1. I hope so too, I wanna get out and get me some air! The weather is also wonderful but we have to stay in :( I already know yours will be spettacular ^.^ Xx


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