How to make your makeup look more intense/vibrant/pigmented |Amriaa

Check out these great tips to make your eyeshadows pop!

Cat Eyes Red Lips


Happy Saturday bunnies! Today I’m going to walk you through my steps to getting intense pigmented colours in my makeup looks.

If there’s one question I get asked all the time, this is it: How do you make your eyeshadow look more pigmented?


I have the same eyeshadow, why doesn’t mine look like this?

I realize every one of us has his way, but this is what I find most useful and what helps me achieve strongly colourful makeup looks.

So, here’s’ how I apply my vibrant colours every time.

♥ Step 1 – PRIMER



I use this Laura Mercier foundation primer, only because it made my face look like a disco ball but I didn’t want to throw it away. If you have eyeshadow base/primer, great, use that.

Another option, if you don’t have primer at all is to use a bit of foundation, liquid would be great…

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