The Rainbow Tag: Clothing/Accessories edition

The Rainbow Tag

So I finally got around to do this tag, that Amy tagged me to do (check out her Rainbow Tag & her Makeup Looks edition). I didn’t find anything too interesting in my makeup & I didn’t want to do a makeup look edition either since I started doing more colorful looks just lately, so I decided to do a clothing and acessories edition ^_^ Ps! I’m sorry if the photos suck, first time I took them it was already dark outside and then I was too lazy to do it again. You know me – good old lazyass :D


I’m not particularly into red, I like it on others but it’s really not my color and doesn’t look good on me. That’s why I don’t have any red clothes, but you can’t not to have a red lingerie ;)



As far as clothing goes, I only have one orange shirt and I’ve never worn it…. Same as red orange looks awful on me, it’s the worst color I could wear! But I love a good pop of color and I really love these earrings and that necklace. Got all these from Tally Weijl.



I luuuuv yellow. Probably looks better on someone with a tan but who cares cause I love yellow and I love the sun ^_^ The necklace and earrings on the left photo are from New Look and the dress & earrings on the right photo are from a local chinese shop.



The favorite color of someone I know….;) I’m in prety good terms with green myself :) The dress & cardigan are from Bonprix and the top is from another chinese shop.



My favorite color in every shade! I don’t have that much blue stuff at the moment, but that’s only cause I love blue so much I wear the stuff so much they get ruined pretty fast :D The sexy body hugging dress on the left is from Bonprix, earrings are, suprise-suprise, from a chinese shop and the necklace I got maybe from an amusement park years ago.



I took my lilac ring for the photos and when it was time to take photos I couldn’t find it anywhere, I still haven’t found it and this all happend a week ago or so! :S Whyyyyyy! Then I have quite a few purple dresses that would’ve been great for this, but to do them justice I should’ve worn them on photos and the lazyass I am I just decided to take a photo of these very pretty earrings I got from a little boutique and my two favorite spring/summer nail polishes. From left: KIKO Nail Lacquer 338 Lavanda Chiaro (Light Lavender) & KIKO Sugar Mat 634 Lilla. These two might be my all time favorite nail polishes, they go on so smooth and it looks great with my skin tone.



The tunic is from Bonprix, the skirt is from cache cache, big earrings are from Piazza Italia and the flower earrings are from…..a chinese shop! :)


I hope you enjoyed this version of the tag and if you’re reading this and haven’t done this tag yet then YOU’RE TAGGED! Just choose whatever edition you want: the normal edition showing your makeup, your old makeup looks, clothing & accessories like me or invent a new one! I would love to see you all doing different versions of this tag cause it’s so much fun!

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! ♥♥♥


12 thoughts on “The Rainbow Tag: Clothing/Accessories edition

  1. I may have a red peace of lingerie in my wardrobe because someone had given it to me for Valentine but I keep it there for special occasion (don’t know when, hahaha) ! The body hugging dress is very beautiful and trendy, and I will not forgot both lovely blue earrings which I like both ! Wish you a great Sunday and see you Marilyn :) :) !


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