MOTD #25 – Green, black & brown


Hola, sono tornata con un trucco del giorno! Il post di Amy dove parla del BH 120 colors palette mi ha fatto venire voglia di usarlo e sapevo già di voler usare il verde. All’inizio volevo un verde neon e luminoso ma siccome dovevo andare al supermercato ho scelto qualcosa di più tranquillo.

Hey, I’m back with a makeup of the day! Amy’s post about BH 120 colors palette made me want to use it and I already knew I wanted something green. At first I wanted a neon and bright green but since I had to go to the grocery store I switched it with a calmer green.


Labbra/Lips: Kiko Smart Lipstick (old edition) 96 Nude

essence XXXL shine lipgloss 03 Timeless Beauty


Niente spiegazioni lunghe o lista prodotti oggi, volevo semplicemente farci un salto per salutarvi :)

No long explanations or product list today, just wanted to jump by and say Hi to you guys :)


♥ ♥ ♥


22 thoughts on “MOTD #25 – Green, black & brown

    1. Thank you my lovely ♥ The good thing is that now we can take a walk and leave the kids home with them, when we’ll live apart she will start with the excuses again! By the way, she fell yesterday…when we moved to the last pöace she fell 4 times in first 2 weeks…No comment :D


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