OOTD #9 – First Outfit in Bulgaria


Ciao dolcezze, come state? Oggi sono qui con il primo post di outfit dalla Bulgaria. Abbiamo scattato le foto nel parco principale (almeno credo sia quello principale), è molto grande e bello con un parco giochi, fontane e anche un palco. Sto ancora cercando posti dove fare le foto degli outfit perché è una città grossa e non voglio mettermi in mezza la gente a scattare le foto. Mi vergogno persino a posare per mio marito, figurati quando passano le persone :D

Hello sweethearts, how are you?Today I’m here with my first outfit post from Bulgaria. We took the photos in the central park (atleast I think it’s the central and main park), it’s quite big with beautiful fountains and a playground and a stage as well. I am still looking for good places to take the photos, cause it’s a big city and I don’t want to pose in the middle of the crowd. I’m even embarrassed to pose in front of hubs, imagine when the people are passing by :D


In pratica per questo outfit ho buttato insieme i miei pezzi preferiti e comodi e via.

So practically I just threw together my favorite and comfiest pieces of my wardrobe.

• • •

Boots/Stivali: BonPrix

Jeggings – New Look

Button up shirt/Camicia – Hubs got it for me to wear at home, but I love it/Mio marito me l’ha preso per casa, ma l’adoro

Blazer – Tally Weijl

Scarf/Sciarpa – My mom sent it to me/Me l’ha mandata mia mamma

Purse/Borsa – BonPrix


Questa foto è scattata nel posto panoramico con la vista sulla vecchia città (dove ancora dobbiamo andare).

This photo is taken at the panoramic spot with the view over the old town (where we still need to go).


Simpatico, vero?

Nice, isn’t it?


Buona giornata care, resistete, domani è venerdi ;)

Have a good day lovlies; hang on; tomorrow is friday ;)


29 thoughts on “OOTD #9 – First Outfit in Bulgaria

  1. Uuuuu a park with pretty fountains, you’ll take me there I hope! :D What are you up to now, cause I just got home because it started to rain and I didn’t feel like walking 40minutes in the rain to get to my next course bhahahaha. Bad girl…


    1. Bahahahaa it’s raining here too! The weather is crazy – yesterday it was so hot I went out with a short sleeved shirt and today I had a winter jacket :S


    1. Thank you lovely, unfortunately today it’s raining and it will be for 4 more days :( We wanted to go to the old town where the most of the worth seeing places are but that has to wait now…:D Xx


    1. I am a country girl, I can’t live without green. This is few for me, I grew up in a house with a park on the right, field on the lef and forest behind my house *_* Hopefully one day I’ll return to the wild :D Xxxx


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