Loose & mono eyeshadow challenge: #1


Il primo look della mia sfida di smaltimento di ombretti minerali in polvere e mono. E come potete vedere ho fallito nella mia sfida di stare una settimana senza fondotinta….. Cercherò invece di trovare un fondotinta minerale, che non farà tanti danni quanto i soliti fondotinta che uso.

The first look of my loose and mono eyeshadow use-up challenge. And as you can see I failed in my no foundation for a week challenge…..I’ll try to get me a mineral foundation that isn’t as bad for my skin as my usual foundations.




 Ho usato tutti e quattro ombretti ma alla fine si vedono solo due di loro: Neve cosmetics Ginger – un ombretto ricevuto in omaggio col ordine, è un bellissimo marrone rosato con dei riflessi ramati.L’altro è Star Crushed Minerals No.52 Perfectly Peach – che è uno stupendo pesca shimmer,lo adoro con tutta me stessa! Quei due vanno insieme come pizza e coca cola! :D

 I used all four eyeshadows but you can actually see only two of them: Neve Cosmetics Ginger – got this as a bonus with one of the orders, it’s a beautiful rosy brown with copper highlights. The other one is No.52 Perfectly Peach from Star Crushed Minerals – it’s a gorgeous shimmery peach, I love it with all my heart! These two go together like pizza and coca cola! :D


 Non sono bellissimi Ginger e Perfectly Peach? *-* Mi dispiace se questo look trucco non è niente di speciale, ma il punto di questa sfida e di usare gli ombretti e di farveli vedere :) Un bacio! <3

Aren’t Ginger and Perfectly Peach just gorgeous? *-* I’m sorry if this look is pretty basic, but the idea of this challenge was just to use these eyeshadoes and to show you how they look on :) Kisses! <3



24 thoughts on “Loose & mono eyeshadow challenge: #1

    1. I need to get the BB cream but I already spent my money on a mineral foundation. I still need to open it but I’m afraid she gave me the wrong shade :'( I tried one on my hand and she got me a new which I didn’t look before I got home!


            1. I’ll try but I’m too scared to go and change it… I didn’t even enter a cafe I’ve never been to today cause I’m paranoid like that…and sat outside with rain..:D


              1. Yes so prepare yourself going out with me! The other day I didn’t get ice cream cause there were already people by the automatic stand and I didn’t want to feel stupid to stand there and wait plus I’ve never used it so what if I do something wrong and everyone seeeees!


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