My Go-To Makeup Look


Ciao e buon inizio settimana! Per cominciare la settimana ho pensato di farvi vedere il mio trucco go-to cioè il trucco, che uso quando non so cosa fare/per andare sul sicuro/per fare veloce, un trucco semplice e luminoso da giorno :) Una domanda, secondo voi le mie sopracciglia stanno meglio così (li sto facendo più chiari in questo momento non avendo più i capelli scurissimi) oppure come li facevo prima (per esempio qui)? Chiedo a voi perché siete le mie amiche e si chiedono sempre i consigli dalle amiche, giusto? ^_^

Hey and have a good start to your week! To start off this week I thought to show you my go-to makeup look, a look I do when I don’t know what to do/when I wanna be quick/when I don’t want to risk creating something new, just a simple and luminous daytime makeup :) I have a question for you, do you think my eyebrows looks better lighter like in this post (I’ve been wearing them lighter cause my hair aren’t that dark anymore) or like I did before (here for example)? I need some advice from my girlfriends and you guys are my girlfriends, right? ^_^


Quando sono di fretta non faccio il winged eyeliner ma faccio la riga semplice, che finisce col occhio. Per le labbra ho usato un semplice gloss (essence XXXL shine lipgloss 03 Timeless Beauty)

If I’m in a hurry I won’t do a winged eyeliner, but a simple line that ends with the eye. For my lips I just used a gloss (essence XXXL shine lipgloss 03 Timeless Beauty)


1.Ho usato questo bellissimo color champagne shimmer su tutta la palpebra mobile/I used this beautiful shimmery champagne color on my lid

2. Poi ho usato questo marrone matt nella piega/ Then I used this matte brown color in the crease 

3. Ho usato questo marrone scuro per solo un goccio per intensificare l’altro colore nella piega/ I used this dark brown to intensify the other brown in the crease

4. Questo colore matt lo uso sempre per sfumare o per preparare le palpebre e anche questa volta l’ho usato per sfumare e sotto le sopracciglia/ I always use this matte color to blend out colors or to prepare my eyelids and this time I used it to blend and on my browbone

5. Questo invece è andato sotto la linea delle ciglia inferiori/ This one went under my lower lashline

MUA Undress Me Too

Niente di speciale, ma spero vi sia piaciuto questo mio trucco, che uso più spesso. Non ho più usato i miei ombretti mono, perché maggior parte di loro sono colori molto scuri (neri, blu e viola) e non posso usarli nei miei trucchi per tutti giorni. Ma non preoccupatevi, che sto pensando come usarli. Posso sempre usarli come eyeliner oppure sotto gli occhi, vedremo cosa mi viene in mente :) Intanto un abbraccio care e fatemi sapere qual’è il vostro trucco go-to?

Nothing special, but I hope you enjoyed my go-to makeup look I use very often. I have been lacking on my mono eyeshadow use-up, but that’s cause most of them are very dark (blacks, blues and purples) so I don+t know how to use them in my everyday look. But no worries, I’m working on it! I could turn them into eyeliners or use them on my lower lashline, let’s see what I’ll come out with :) In the meantime hugs to you and let me know what is your go-to makeup look?


28 thoughts on “My Go-To Makeup Look

  1. I have been using this palette for a long time for everyday, that I need to buy it again :) very similar to what I usually go for :) have a nice week xx


    1. Thank you honey <3 I'll try to see if I can make the dark colors work in the crease and as a c, actually I'm not worried about the colors but my capability to make them work :D But I'll try!


  2. Maria, Amy & I are your girlfriends! ♡♡ I love this look on you! You are looking more tanned with your lighter hair! You should try & match your brows to your hair colour :) so maybe do them a little bit darker, but not darker than your hair :) xo


    1. You are! <3<3<3 I will try a new brow combination tomorrow :) I should prob get some new products for that cause I only have a very light pencil and a very dark eyeshadow! Xoxo


        1. That’s the problem, I don’t have matte brown eyeshadows, that’s why I always use the dark one. I think I’m gonna go and search my stash now and play the color scientist :D


  3. I think your eyebrows are cute either way, but I’m really liking the lighter look with your current hair color. Also, cute go-to makeup look :)


  4. Hmmm…I think you look good with both shades, but probably the old colour looks more natural because the hair is still darker than the brows :D try mixing them and wear something in between. That being said, OMG I fell in love with that first photo, you are amazingly beautiful!!!!<3 let me know if you decide to play for the other side ahahahaha and we can run away into the world together :D but we should take the kids too because we won't be able to make our own.


    1. Baahhaha, I see you already got everything thought out ;) Awwww you sweet thing <3 On the first photo I actually used a filter on my hair but not on my face so the brow didference is even bigger. I'll try a new way tomorrow =) Mwwwahhh


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