Loose & mono eyeshadow challenge: #4

Buongiorno ragazze, oggi niente foto intere perché semplicemente tutte le foto facevano ca–re :D Insomma ecco il quarto look creato con ombretti minerali.

Morning girls, no full face photos today cause sincerely they all sucked! Anyway here’s the fourth look I did with my loose mineral eyeshadows.

Lips: KIKO Smart lipstick 96 Nude (old edition) & Rimmel Stay Glossy Lashes: perfect (some cheap brand I found over here)
Neve cosmetics Oro Azzurro (Golden Light Blue) & Pavone (Peacock), Star Crushed Minerals No.1 Iced Mocha

Questo è tutto per il post di oggi – veloce e dritto al punto! Un bacio :*

That’s it for todays post – quick and straight to the point! Kiss :*


18 thoughts on “Loose & mono eyeshadow challenge: #4

  1. Can I give you a suggestion, when you apply fake lashes try to make them as closer as possible to your lash line also apply the eyeliner after not before you apply the lashes, the look would look mush better, but well done :). Fake lashes as already a pain in the ass to apply, so job well done


    1. I do try, but as you said thy are a pain in the ass. I guess I just need to practice more and to get better lashes, I mostly have really cheap ones that are too hard. I’ll just practice, suggestions are always welcome hun :)


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