Sometimes I need red lips

Oggi avevo voglia di rossetto rosso :) Ma ormai sono giorni, che non riesco a fare foto decenti e la cosa mi è frustrante :( Ci metto un ora a truccarmi, mi sbatto per fare le foto e poi viene fuori uno schifo grrrrrr. Spero la cosa cambi presto!

Today I was craving some red lipstick :) But it’s been days, that I can’t take decent photos anymore and it’s pretty frustrating :( I spend an hour putting my makeup on, then spend time to make the photos and then I look at them and they are horrendeous  grrrrrr. I hope this changes soon!


itstyle lipstick 14

Buon weekend tesori miei! <3

Happy weekend loves! <3




23 thoughts on “Sometimes I need red lips

  1. You are not alone. I think we all go through these stages, sometimes I do my makeup feel great take a phone and its like meh do I really look like that? I think we can be self assessing to much, you look great x


  2. Red lips and green eyes, yes please! About the photo problem, you know, I was thinking the same these days. Like “whaaaaat? I used to look better than this” haha. :D but it’s ok, sometimes other don’t even get why we don’t like our face in some pics


  3. I don’t know what you’re talking about… your photos look pretty good to me! I love red lips on you boo ♡♡


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