Review: Balea Gentle washgel with Lotus & Bamboo extract



*Non scriverò questo post in italiano, perché se non sbaglio, questo prodotto non si trova in Italia*

Hey y’all :) I just wanted to give this wash gel a quick shoutout. I’ve been loving this for the past two months. First it’s very delicate and doesn’t dry the skin out like some face washes do, it has a lovely sweet scent that isn’t too strong or chemical feel to it like some producs have. In the beginning I only used it to wash my face after removing my makeup, but then I finished my makeup wipes and I used this to take off my makeup for a little time. It did a great job also as a makeup remover and didn’t hurt my eyes at all. Don’t expect it to take off your waterproof party makeup, but it works great for removing everyday makeup. And that’s it, great product and the price was definitely on the cheap side, so if you have the chance I highly recommend this :)




♥ ♥ ♥


2 thoughts on “Review: Balea Gentle washgel with Lotus & Bamboo extract

  1. Glad you gave Balea a try! I think some of their products are really good, and they are so cheap you can’t even feel sorry if you buy them and they don’t work he he


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