BH 120 palette: Green


It’s time for our BH 120 palette collab again wooot wooot! This week we chose greeeeeeen. I had quite a few ideas, but ended up with a simpler look, cause I always do my makeup in the morning and then I have to walk around the city with whatever comes out. I wanted to do a cut-crease kind of makeup at first but I’m not that skilled so I didn’t wanna mess up too much and went for this easier look. Now please check out also Amy and Kate’s looks if you haven’t yet!






My gosh this green color is gorgeous, I’m gonna be using this a lot in the future *-* I just packed on this gorgeous dark teal green color, blended it out with a lighter green and then added a lime green color on my lower lashline and voilà! Add some lashes and eyeliner and you’ve got yourself a glamorous yet fun makeup :)



I hope you enjoyed my this week’s look and talk to you all soon <3 Mmmmwahhh :*



16 thoughts on “BH 120 palette: Green

  1. Yay I love this look! You look AMAZING in green eyeshadow! You should wear it more often :) I think I’ll start wearing it more top because I really love it :) ♡


    1. Thank you ♥♥♥♥ I’m starting to think green eyeshadow is highly underestimated, when it’s actually amazing and there’s a shade for everyone :)


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