MOTD #31 – MUA Pretty Pastels palette


Hola bella gente ^_^ Oggi vi mostro un look semplice (tanto quelli che faccio io sono tutti semplici hihhiii) con la Pretty Pastels palette di MUA .Appena comprata ero sicura di usarla tantissimo, invece l’ho lasciata lì ad aspettarmi…. Sentivo che aveva bisogno di un po’ di amore :P

Hola beautiful people ^_^ Today I’m sharing with you a simple look (all I do is simple looks hihihihii) with Pretty Pastels palette from MUA.  When I first bought this palette, I thought I’d be using it a lot, instead I left it there to wait for me….. I felt like it was time to give it some love :P


Sembra come se avessi usato solo due colori sui miei occhi, ma invece ne ho usati cinque.

It looks I only used two colors on my eyes, but I actually used five of them.


Come rossetto ho scelto KIKO Ultra Glossy Stylo SPF 15, Lavanda Perlato 819

On my lips I have KIKO Ultra Glossy Stylo SPF 15, Lavanda Perlato 819


I colori 1 e 2 sono ovviamente quelli principali, il 3 l’ho usato per sfumare i primi due, 4 l’ho usato sotto gli occhi e il 5 l’ho usato sotto l’arcata della sopracciglia.

1 and 2 are the main colors of course, the 3 I used to blend out the first two, number 4 I used on my lower lashline and I used 5 on my browbones. 


Eccovi un mezzo-sorriso da scema e buona giornata! :D

I salute you with this moroon-like half-smile and have a nice day! :D


♥ ♥ ♥


21 thoughts on “MOTD #31 – MUA Pretty Pastels palette

  1. I love it! You look so pretty! And it’s nice that they are pastel shades & not crazy bright! Pastel shades are very different, I don’t see many people use them. You look so pretty boo ♡ and I think you look more tanned here!


    1. Really? To me pastels are like neutrals ^_^ In fact I used pastels and then started using neutrals :D I’m so happy you like it so much <3 I am definitely more tanned but the first photo has filters that make me look way tanned, tone it down a little and you've got the true color :D Xxxx


          1. Oh I don’t mind at all :) being lake was a sign of power on the olden days. Yeah I do :( well not super easy, but I never tan.


  2. Love that shadow. It really compliments your eyes. I feel this is so perfect for summertime. And I am not sure if that`s that same lipstick I love so much lol but the colour is great.


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