MOTD #32 – Peachy


Hola farfalline <3 Per oggi un trucco sui toni di rosa pesca.

Hello butterflies <3 Today I have a peachy toned makeup look to show.


Sui occhi ho usato la palette Day & Night di BH cosmetics. Deve essere la mia palette preferita di tutti i tempi *-*

On my eyes I used BH cosmetics Day & Night palette. It must be my all time favorite eyeshadow palette right know *-*


Adoro questa combinazione sulle labbra – MUA lipstick Shade 15 Juicy & Fashionista Plumping Lip Glaze 4 Coral Couture. Dal vivo il colore è ancora più vivace, quasi neon direi. Secondo me è perfetta per estate :) Per il blush ho usato quello color pesca dalla palette 10 color blush palette di BH cosmetics.

I love this lip combo – MUA lipstick Shade 15 Juicy & Fashionista Plumping Lip Glaze 4 Coral Couture. In person the color is even more vibrant, almost neon I would say. I think it’s perfect for summer :) For my blush I used the peachy color from BH cosmetics 10 color blush palette.


Passate una bella domenica facendo quello che vi più piace e un bacio!

I wish you all spend a lovely sunday doing something you like and a kiss to all!

♥ ♥ ♥


26 thoughts on “MOTD #32 – Peachy

  1. You look so young and pretty <3 I have way more wrinkles than you, it's hard when you are old ahahaha :D I was just thinking of doing a look today since I'll be wearing an orange dress to the movies :D


    1. Thanks but what the hell are you talking about, you are so young!!!! And beautiful <3 Yayyy for peachy dress and makeup – an ootd would be nice…..Xxxx


  2. Peachy tones look so good on you! I love this warm look :) you look super pretty ♡ and I’m glad the palette I got you is one of your favourites :)


        1. Yep, it goes from 22 us dollars 40 :S I guess it’s normal for something that comes from overseas but I’m used to Europe shipping that usually doesn’t go over 10euros :P


          1. Euros & US dollars are different though :) yeah international shipping is really expensive. But it’s still worth it to me because makeup is so expensive here, so even after paying a lot for shipping the item is still substantially cheaper.


              1. It’s ridiculously expensive. So I just buy it online ;) Muahahaha! Because if it’s cheaper I can buy more :p


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