♥ The Beauty Blogger Of The Month Award & Nominations ♥

Hello lovlies,  today I’m excited and flattered,  cause the beautiful,  talented and lovely Kate nominated me for the Beauty Blogger of the month award! Thank you Kate <3 This award is not just an award, but nominees also have a chance to win some goodies :) This award was developed by Cecilia from Cecilia’s Corner. Click here to read Cecilia’s original post which includes all the rules for this award!

Nominees also need to answer 7 beauty related questions:

1. Where does your makeup inspiration come from?

I wish I could say from everywhere, from everyday things but that’s not the case for me. I do take ideas from other bloggers and makeup I see around internet, but mostly it just jumps in my head when I least expect it and usually it has nothing to do with my surroundings or what I’m currently doing.

2. What are 3 of your makeup Holy Grail products you cannot live without?

I have to say I’m not too much of a Holy Grail product person, I like to change all the time and I can live without all the products if I had to, but there are some products I’m more addicted to then others :) First is the Garnier Essential Refreshing vitaminised toner which I just discovered lately and it practically changed my life! Second would be essence gel eyeliner 01 midnight in paris, everybosy ravers about this gel and what does essence do? Stops the production!!!! @ghfffh!!*  Third one is my beloved Bottega Verde cleanser gel with quillaia that I can’t buy anymore here in Bulgaria but it is such an amazing product, I went through a bunch of those.

3. What is your makeup signature look which you have on most of the time?

Hmmm I think some details have changed over years but since I started doing makeup my favorite look is some eyeliner, mascara and transparent or slightly pink lipgloss. Over years I added elements for example when I first started doing my makeup it was mascara & lipgloss, then came the waterline pencil, then came foundation, after I switched from waterline pencil to black pencil on my lids, then the pencil turned into eyeliner, next I added blush and finally one of the most important thing – brows.

4. Let us know your favorite makeup brands?

I am pretty boring and mostly stick to the same brands, not even cause I trust them but because I find it hard to switch my habits that’s all. There are so many awesome brands I haven’t tried yet but I really love the italian brand KIKO that is now reaching worldwide and it makes me really happy ^_^ I also really enjoy MUA who has mostly good quality products for a very little price. I really love BH cosmetics eyeshadow palettes and I love the good old Maybelline and Rimmel :)

5. Your ultimate makeup pet peeve?

I don’t know I guess it would be too thin eyebrowa

6. You’ve heard about all the hype on this makeup item, bought it, tried it and don’t understand what all the fuss is about…Name that product!

I don’t have a specific product but a brand actually and it’s Pupa. I don’t know what it is, but their products just don’t work for me :/

7. Concealer OR foundation ONLY for the rest of your life. Choose one and tell us the reason!

That is a hard question! Right now I would choose only concealerbut in the winter I’d choose only foundation cause my skin gets dry and red spots so I need something to even up my skin tone and moiturize while in the summer I just need a bit of concealer to cover up blemishes or under eye circles.

Here are my 7 nominees for this award ♥

 Nina Fashion Life

 Faebulous Story


Lady With No Name


The Feminine Files


♥ ♥ ♥


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