OOTD #17


Buona domenica fiorellini! Come vedete sono qui con un altro post di outfit. :) Questo outfit in realtà è abbastanza noioso e non sapevo se metterlo qua o no, ma questa camicetta mi piace davvero tanto quindi merita di finire sul mio blog ^_^

Happy sunday lovlies! As you can see I’m back with another outfit post. :) This is actually a pretty boring outfit and I wasn’t sure if I should post it, but I really like this shirt so I figured it deserved to be on my blog ^_^


La camicetta è dal negozio di cinesi (era ovvio noh!? :D), i jeans li avete già visto in OOTD #6 e OOTD #10 e me li ha dati la mia cognata, i sandali sono DolceVita da Scarpe&Scarpe. La mia borsetta non si vede ma è da cinesi pure quella :D Ma che vi dico a fare dove ho comprato i componenti dei miei outfit, ormai lo sapete già :P

My blouse is from a chinese shop (it was obvious wasn’t it!? :D), you already saw these jeans in OOTD #6 and OOTD #10 I got them from my sister-in-law, my sandals are DolceVita from Scarpe&Scarpe. You can’t see my purse but it’s form a chinese shop as well :D I don’t even know why I tell you, where I get my things from you already know the answer :P


Fuori era un po’ più freschetto dopo la pioggia, così ho potuto indossare i jeans. Diciamo ho dovuto perchè non è che avevo tanta voglia di infilarmi dei jeans stretti invece di una gonnelina comoda!

It was a little chillier outside after the rain, so I could wear jeans. Actually so I had to wear jeans, cause I wasn’t thrilled about squeezing myself into tight jeans instead of wearing a comfy little skirt!


Pose imbarazzanti….

Awkward poses…..


Godetevi la vostra giornata dolci!

Enjoy your day sweeties!

♥ ♥ ♥


19 thoughts on “OOTD #17

  1. Casual, but very chic. I far prefer the colored images though, more vibrant and appropriate to the outfit. Thanks for tagging me in your post, I’m working on it and be posting something very soon. Have a good start ;-)


  2. Your blouse looks very comfy, like the type you can go out to dinner in and eat like a pig because your belly doesn’t show :D Now those are my type of clothes!


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