Attention please!

So suprise! The good news is that I’m back but on the other side this blog won’t stay the same. This blog is now going through some big changes, changes that not everyone will like. I tried creating a new blog from the scratch but it just didn’t feel right. I guess that’s because I already put my heart and soul in this blog, it’s a part of me and it’s only right that it changes with me :)

I don’t want anyone sticking to it just from respect to my old blog, if you’re not feeling this change please feel free to unsubscribe and I promise I won’t be offended :) I’d rather have people really interested in the content rather then just a bunch of random likes!


what we see




But what will I be blogging about? Well, everything. I want to feel free to share and express myself, I don’t want to limit myself in any way. I’m sure there’ll still be some makeup and outfit posts once in a while. But I’ll be also talking about my spiritual journey, about a lot of stuff that may be controversial, weird or crazy to many of you. And I’ll be blogging about everything in between, my thoughts, my days, my family, inspiration, inspirational people ecc.

I chose to be me. To be free. To follow my real passion. I chose to be the change.

be the change


Peace and love to all of you whether you decide to join my journey or not! I love you all <3


4 thoughts on “Attention please!

  1. Beautiful… this is exactly what I am going through with my blog right now & how strange we even chose the same theme?! I will definitely be following your journey & I hope you follow mine too! :) Peace, love & light…. Kate x


    1. That is a beautiful coincidence and of course I will follow your journey ^.^ These are interesting times and I can’t wait what’s next for me, for you and everyone! Love and peace :)

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