So what happened? What changed?

Some of you might be thinking how come I went from a makeup blogger to a nature loving – barefoot walking – tree hugging – vegetarian – spiritual being – fairy and  all things magical loving human being. Well, it’s easy – I already was all that, but I chose not to show that part and another part I had forgotten all about. When I moved to Bulgaria this spring something shifted in me, I think it was the nature and overall energy which is very similar to my sweet home Estonia and that awakened some of my lethargic energies. I started going out in the nature and taking long walks around the city which made me feel so good , happy and calm. I used to always complain how I couldn’t do that in Italy and when I had the chance I didn’t feel as good as I thought I should.  But now I started to feel like myself again, it was as I was sticking my head out under the sunshine after living under a rock fo years!



Somewhere in July I saw Annie Jaffrey‘s video My Transition to Eating 100% RAW ♥ which I found interesting. I really love Annie and I loved her beauty channel before, but even more I love her positivity and dedication to health. So under that video I found Freelee the Banana Girl and from there Fully Raw Kristina. Then I was hooked and decided to go vegan and to never look back. For now I still use some animal products like milk and eggs occasionally which makes me a vegetarian. As at the moment we’re living and sharing our money with my parents in law I have to compromise with them but having turned them practically vegetarian is a good result I think. My ideal diet would be Raw Till 4 but for now my almost vegan diet has brought me many benefits. I have a lot more energy, I don’t have anxiety or depression anymore, my digestion works a whole lot better and I got rid of Candidiasis aka yeast infection (It is caused by the overgrowth of a type of yeast called Candida, usually Candida albicans. This yeast is normally found in small amounts in the human body. But certain medicines and health problems can cause more yeast to grow, particularly in warm, moist body areas. This can cause uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous symptoms.) After 2 weeks going vegan symptoms disappeared and I haven’t had any problems since!

Between my walks in the nature and veganism I started to feel more connected to nature again and wanted to start to live a more simpler and natural life (that is around when I decided to end my beauty blogging). I started my spiritual studies again and found the amazing Ralph Smart who’s videos gave me the last push to change my way of seeing the world! Last months have been crazy and amazing, I’ve learned so much and I’m finally ready to be fully and entirerly myself! I have accepted the idea that we’re all creators of our own reality and I now take responsabilty for everything that goes on in my life. I now know that I was the one keeping myself from being happy but now I allow myself to feel everything, to do anything and to be who I am! It has been an emotional roller coaster, scary and beautiful at the same time and I am grateful beyond words!


Peace and Infinite Love,



12 thoughts on “So what happened? What changed?

    1. Ahahhahaa a dire il vero non ho ancora capito nemmeno io :D Ma l’idea principale era di parlare della mia strada spirituale, pensieri su modi di pensare, energie, alimentazione, pace, amore, fate, angeli e chissà cos’altro :P E poi quando me la sento ci butterò magari trucchi, outfit, foto di Bulgaria e qualsiasi cosa che mi viene in mente :)


  1. I’m so happy to see you’re back and you’re good!! I miss you!!!! I’m very courios about your new program of being vegetarian/vegan…do you still eat honey and cheese? I think I can’t become a vegan because I love too much cheese and I can’t live without it!! Cheese, coffee and beer are the three things without whom I can’t live!


    1. Ciao cara! ♥ Mi fa tantissimo piacere che hai scelto di continuare a seguirmi!!!! ^.^ Il mio ideale sarebbe di non mangiare per niente formaggio ma per ora qualche volta mi capita ancora. Il miele invece non se riesco a tagliarlo fuori del tutto, specialmente durante la stagione fredda=) Ti mando un bacione!


  2. Hi dear, I’m happy for you that you’ve found yourself back and I ‘ll gladly follow you ! I’m really curious about your new blog and what will it brings, congratulations ! Love all the new aspects in it and especially speaking about health is always interesting to me ! :)


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