I like……The green of Nature

In today’s society Nature is underestimated. We talk about it as it was somewhat of a stranger and going to the nature is like a trip to a musem, just something to see. But Nature is not a stranger it’s OUR HOME and it’s part of us all! Nature is beautiful, majestic and magical. Nature is all we need!


To me living away from it, living in the city cost me my happyness. I ended up depressed and I knew being far away from nature was the cause, I was longing to live in the countryside so much and I didn’t fully understand why, but now I do. I never felt home while I lived in Genoa, Italy. I thought I just missed  my home Estonia. Then I moved to Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria where there’s plenty of green in the city,where forests and riverside are just a walk away from the center. The moment I came here, I felt alive again, I spread my wings again, I could breathe and I felt home! I felt home because Nature is my home. I am at peace. I am not homesick anymore. Yes, I miss the beautiful country where I was born but my wounds are now healed.


Nature loves us, it heales us, it absorbs a part of our stress and worries. That’s why so many of us become depressed if we stay away from it for too long. We can’t deal with all the stress alone anymore, it overwhelmes us. We think we need society and civilization to survive but it’s Nature we need instead.

nature is love

Enjoy your weekend,
Peace and Infinite Love,

7 thoughts on “I like……The green of Nature

  1. Looking to all these wonderful forests and landscapes, my soul screamed ………………….aah, I immediately felt that it’s all true, for me at least ! Nature heals and GIVES a lot and it’s time that I make a pit-stop in it :) !


  2. You’re right my friend, nature heals us more than anything else. I’m so happy when I get back to my parent’s house, which is surrounded by green heels and parks! I hope you’ll enjoy this new week. Take care!


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