Lose the labels and find yourself

For the longest time I’ve been searching for myself, trying to get to know me and figure out every little detail about myself and how I “work”. Basically I’ve been looking for ways to tag myself, to belong somewhere, to have a security of some kind I guess. Only now I am starting to realize how wrong I was. All that stress, I was losing my head cause how could I be one extreme but also the other? With labels come limits, we convince ourselves of something about us and then act from that knowing. But to find our True Self, we need to lose ourselves first. We need to let go of prejudice about ourselves as much as we need to let go of prejudgment towards others. When we judge prematurely then we keep ourselves from seeing the whole picture. I’ve always though that “I can’t help it, it’s how I am, it’s in my charecter” was a lame excuse cause we ALWAYS have a choice how to act. But now I see a new perspective on this, a spiritual perspective. We are infinite beings, we are co-creators, we are light and we are love. There are no limits.


I always thought that the more labels you put on yourself (ex.happy, serious, material, vegan, hippie, spiritual or stubborn, bad tempered, hot head, flirty ) then the more interesting you become but in reality it’s the more you condition yourself, the more you squeeze yourself in tiny boxes. Also don’t let the things you’ve done or that happened to you to define yourself – you are not the mistakes you made or  the situations you’ve been! I love astrology and all the signs and chinese years and all that and they are bloody accurate. It’s true that we are influenzed by the stars, by astrology, by where we grew up and so on, but we can stop whenever we want to. We were born in these circumstances in this life, but that’s not who we really are. I am the worst when it comes to limiting self with stuff like:”I’m a Gemini, I can’t be determined or calm. I can’t stop doing this or that cause that just isn’t me ecc” Well guess what, I CAN and YOU CAN! What you can imagine, you can do. I am learning to let go of all the labels I’ve put on myself to set myself free. It is hard and the old ways want to creep back in the back of our mind, but with a little bit of effort the new way to see ourselves and to be will stay with us.

DISCLAIMER: Once again I want to point out, that if these topics make you uncomfortable, bored or you just think it’s a bunch of bullshit please feel free to unfollow. Even if you are a follower from a long time and we’ve even became friends, I promise you I won’t feel offended, I understand that these topics are not for everyone. I understand how this can be confusing to some and maybe you’re thinking why didn’t I start a new blog but I just felt connected to my old blog. Or if you want to stay and judge me I won’t blame you either :P It’s all your choice and I’ll love you all anyway <3

May you all be free and find your True Self,

Much Love,



9 thoughts on “Lose the labels and find yourself

  1. Yay my boo is still blogging! :) ♡♡ I’m glad you’ve changed your way of thinking. It’s definitely not all about labels! Just be you :)


  2. Let your soul free and you’ll see what a liberation this will be ! Don’t worry to the rest because other persons will do for you ! Be just totally yourself Marilyn and so you will also be a better positive human for the persons around you :) !


  3. You’re so right. To stop tagging ourselves is the first step of a better self-consciousness. Why to limit ourselves to what we think to be or to what people think we are? ;-)


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