Django Unchained. Everything Unchained.

I started my morning with this sad but emotional story that fortunately had a happy ending. All living beings on this planet are compassionate in their heart and capable of love, so many stories about humans helping animals but also animals helping humans and other species. No one was born cruel and un-caring. Every day there is a small change towards more loving world where ALL living beings can live peacefully and in love and I hope to live to see that day! I send all my love to these lovely people who stopped to help this poor dog, to Django and that he may find love and peace and happyness finally and my prayers will go out for the new dog who’s probably now chained up in Django’s place!
Humans were ment to be the caretakers of nature and all it’s animals and living beings not to take advantage of them and destroy them!
May love guide you in all you do,

Run Vegan

Laura and I went for our run Saturday, hopping in the car to drive out to our favorite running path…and almost made it. Driving down the street adjacent to a fairly neglected neighborhood we both caught sight of a dog walking down the sidewalk, his tail between his legs and a large chain padlocked around his neck. Padlocked. Seemingly involuntarily I hit the brakes on the car and pulled over. The dog stopped.

I tentatively got out on my side of the car and talked to the dog in a calm voice. He didn’t run, but didn’t come towards me either, frozen in either fear or curiosity. I waited for him to start barking or growling, but he did neither. I saw wounds on his legs and assumed the worst. I didn’t walk any closer and he trotted a safer distance away from my strange presence. I walked to the…

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2 thoughts on “Django Unchained. Everything Unchained.

  1. What a tragic story but I’m happy and relieved that it had a happy ending ! It’s so important that people know and I am positive despite the awful horrific pictures that they showed them !


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