Face of the Day – Rasperry Kiss

Oh look, more makeup :D Pictures are taken a week ago or so again with my videocamera which doesn’t have good quality when it comes to pictures :/


I don’t remember the makeup products but I think on my eyes I used the bh Day & Night eyeshadow palette. On my lips I have KIKO Jelly Core lipstick in 05 Rasperry Kiss.


 It’s a great winter/holiday season lipstick:

–  it goes great with gold, bronze or silver eye makeup looks

– it’s a lovely pop of color without being too bright or summery in the fall/winter

– it’s very creamy and moisturizing which is a huge plus during the chapped lips season


Yes, I reeeeeaalllly love my rawwwrr faces


What would you caption the photo below? My capture would be “Blurry bitchface” :D

rasperry5 blurry bitchface

Take care,

Much Love,



23 thoughts on “Face of the Day – Rasperry Kiss

    1. Hey love <3 WordPress can be a bitch sometimes. Might be also cause I changed my blog name and address. Hope your doing well, it's almost finish line you must be exhausted <3


  1. People don’t eat dog meat in China, btw, is very typical in Korea, where’s deem as an expansive and delicious food, indeed, a portion of dog’soup costs around 50 pounds/60 euros. I’m pretty sure bout that because I’ve some chinese friends and I spent a short period in Shanghai :)


    1. According to Chinese lore, eating dog meat stimulates internal heat, making it a food that wards off winters’ cold. But on this inaugural day of summer, it’s a superstition that’s driving dog consumption: the meat is believed to bring good luck and health. At the festival, hotpots are fired up, lychees peeled and liquors poured. Animal activists estimate over 10,000 dogs are killed for the festival, according to China Daily, the government’s English-language mouthpiece.

      It’s probably nnot as common as it used to be many still eat dog meat in China and other parts of Asia.


      1. I really dunno! Seems impossible, I spent in China a short period and nobody mentioned dog meat and I can assure u that also my friends who was in China for a long time never ever heard about something like that (and it’s pretty sure, a good friend of mine lived there for two years and he’s a journalist, I guess he must have reported something so gross and sad). Also my chinese friends confirmed me that is just a Korean habit, so, I mean, this is just a video, is like a urban legend, you know… maybe one day you’ll gonna visit China and discover by yourself how people there really love dogs (not as meal of course) :)


        1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/from_our_own_correspondent/2074073.stm Sia mio marito che i suoi amici hanno passato del tempo in Cina – insegna arti marziali. Ha tanti amici cinesi, è pappa e ciccia con tantissime famiglie di ristoranti cinesi in Italia, penso che tutto il mondo sa degli abitudini culinari di cinesi….. Basta scrivere carne di cane su google in qualsiasi lingua, è tutto tranne che una legenda. Italiani, americani e altri tutti ti fanno awww che carini quando vedono un maialino o vitello ma questo nn vuol dire che non li mangiano…..


          1. Da giornalista ti dico che molte cose ce le inventiamo eh :D non è che se un articolo è della BBC è più serio, purtroppo… so che non fa onore alla categoria. Per fame anche in Italia mangiavano gatti, comunque non saprei, io mai da nessun cinese ho sentito dire “mangiamo carne di cane” ma è possibile che lo facessero prima, chi può dirlo? Di certo è un’usanza che è ancora praticata in Corea, dove come ti dicevo, un piatto di zuppa di cane è una pietanza assai cara e pregiata! Roba da pazzi :/


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