MOTD #34 – Favorite lip pencil

Hey hey, more makeup looks again :) I have my makeup and no-makeup periods, you guessed which one is currently active :P

DISCLAIMER:  Since I went vegan of course I won’t be supporting certain makeup and beauty brands anymore, I will only buy cruelty free and (mostly) vegan makeup from now on. However I’m not going to throw away my old makeup, there is no point to throw them away and waste money so don’t be supprised if I use non vegan and non cruelty free products in my makeup.


The camera washes out a lot of color, so just use your imagination here, the eyeshadows and lipstick are darker then this.

On my lips I have itStyle lip pencil in shade 4 Marrone Chiaro (light brown) It’s definitely light brown so I think their website made a mistake and it’s really  shade 2 Vino (wine)

detail Collage


Look at that glow! And I forgot to put on highlighter, must be all the fruits and veggies I’m eating ;)


I love this look and it’s so fall appropriate :)


A kiss and a wink  for my followers <3


Much Love,



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