I like….Nudity in nature

Attention! If naked human body makes you uncomfortable you should probably click out of this post.

No, I have not converted myself into a nudist and I won’t be running around bulgarian woods naked, but I can’t promise anything either :D I jsut think there is something very beautiful, pure and magical in being naked in the nature, becoming one with the surroundings.

Just take a deep breathe and imagine being in these beautiful places, being free, no fear, no shame. Feels good doesn’t it? :)

8 thoughts on “I like….Nudity in nature

    1. Hahhhaaa I know what you mean but I think it wouldn’t be bad to just stand or walk around for 10min. I’m all about nature but even I am not ready to make this kind of commitment yet (aka sit down naked) :D:D:D


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