I like…..Body Art

Tattoos, flash tattoos, hennas, body painting – you name it!

Neither me or my husband are into tattoos, but one day I felt that I wanted to get a tattoo, something that means a lot to me. I always though I didn’t know what to get and then suddenly I was drowning in ideas, I had ideas to cover my whole body. In the past when I mentioned tattoos my husband always put the idea down but now one day I told him I’d like to get one and he answered that he had been thinking about getting one too! I never belived we would be having a discussion about which kind of tattoos we want. It’s so amazing how so often we think the same things without knowing and we’re on the same page. I love it :)

Are there any tattoo lovers amongst my followers? Would you like to see a post of the tattoos I’d like to get?

How do you feel about tattoos? Hennas? Flash tattoos? Have you tried any or do you have any tattoos?

Much Love,



8 thoughts on “I like…..Body Art

  1. A parte i tatuaggi finti quand’ero piccola, non ne ho sperimentati altri XD Mi piacciono tutte le tipologie che hai proposto, quelli all’henne sono stupendi! Mi piacerebbe un giorno fare un tattoo vero, chissà!
    Son curiosa di leggere il tuo prossimo post su cosa vorresti farti :)


  2. Hi I love tattoos and for me a little one would be very nice, coloured or made with henna and the one on the hands and the tattoos in the first pictures in silver or White-gold are so amazing !! :)


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