Where was I?

Hello lovely readers and thank you for a warm welcome <3
Where do I start? Remember when I decided to change my blog to a more serious blog, as in lifestyle blog and I wanted to share my spiritual journey, my beliefs and my experiences? I had all the ideas, but after a little I didn't have any writing inspiration, mostly cause what I wanted to talk about was hard to put in words and I struggled to find a good way to express myself. So I started to stress out, cause I felt the pressure to post something but I had nothing. At the time we also lived with my parents-in-law, which was getting more stressful every day. My husband was trying to start his martial arts teaching career again, but it didn't bring enough money in so he started to look for a regular job. In the meantime I was stressing out and I also felt like I had nothing to blog about cause I had no money to buy new makeup or clothes (tragic isn't it? Lol), neither did we have our own place where I could've done home related posts and so on. Then one day hubs told me I was stressing about blog too much, I got angry and deleted my blog related twitter and instagram and changed my blog to private… Yeah, I am kind of impulsive in a bad way. I needed a break from blogging but I really didn't feel like explaining AGAIN why I need a break (I already did that few months prior). I felt so stupid and I really thought I was done with blogging.
Then in February we moved to the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia where my husband got a job (yayyyyy). I was relieved, but I had such a hard time getting used to this place. You see Veliko Tarnovo was a wonderful small city, with lots of parks, lots green, quiet and absolutely beautiful. As soon as I arrived there I felt a connection I had never felt before. And now that connection was gone, I was in this huge busy city, all seemed so cold and boy is this city full of trash everywhere. It breaks my heart to see all the nature here ruined like that :( I think you all know how much I hated living in Genoa, Italy cause city life just isn't for me, so as soon as we came here in Sofia I went in panic mode. My anxiety got worse, I had panic attacks, I cried for nights, I was in a very dark place with myself. While living in Genoa I suffered from depression and moving to a big city again brought back all those painful memories and I was so afraid I was going to feel like that again, I didn't wanna be miserable again :( I even almost went back to home, in Estonia but changed my mind last minute. Fast forward 2 months, I am much better and settled in, I am starting to feel like a normal person again. With all the troubles, worries and stress gone, I have room again to think about other things. I started to miss blogging so bad, before I didn't even have time to think about it. So here I am….again….:P
Most of our stuff is still at the other place (including our cat), cause we don't have a car. It sucks cause I don't have my camera or computer with me, but I hope it won't be long anymore. For now my only blogging tool is my phone, I could've waited but I have no patience! Oh and you might wonder what's this blog gonna be about now? I'm gonna stick to a lifestyle blog, so there's gonna be everything, everything there was before with some additions :)
This is my story, I am so sorry I disappeared without any explanation, it was very rude of me :(
I am sending all of you tons of love ❤

Happy Mothersday to all the mommies out there!



13 thoughts on “Where was I?

  1. Che periodo faticoso! Spero davvero che adesso tu possa ritrovare l’equilibrio e la gioia :) peccato aver dovuto lasciare un posto in cui ti trovavi così bene… Un bacione!


    1. Grazie mille cara ❤ Non ho mai avuto problemi cambiare casa, cambiare posto, probabilmente perchè non mi era mai trovata così bene prima d’ora. Un bacio e buona domenica :)


  2. You’ve had a ruff time and I didn’t know, I’m sorry and I’m glad you feel better now ! But you needn’t give any explanations because everyone have his own problems and if you liked someone his blog before closing normally after you like it still, for me nothing has changed ! Hope you find your way in Sofia staying close to your husband and lovely kids and I hope finally you’ll go back to Estonia the place of your heart and I guess Hubs will learn to appreciate it also there because he already has made the big step to start a new future and what is more beautiful then see a happy woman by his side !! ” :)


    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words, it means a lot to me! I think I do need to explain, cause my followers are my friends and it wasn’t very nice of me to disappear like this, plus I don’t mind sharing with everyone :) Sending you a big bif hug!

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