What I eat in a day #1

Hello hello people. I see a lot of “What I eat in a day” videos on youtube & I think they’re pretty cool and great for some food inspiration. So now that this is more of a lifestyle blog, I thought I made some posts as well on the subject.

Again I apologize for the photo quality & all that, cause most of my stuff is still with my parents-in-law in the other apartment. Aaaaand this “What I ate in a day” is more of a “What I ate in 24 hours” cause it starts in the afternoon :D Hey, don’t hate, I just got the idea and wanted to start right away :P


🍌Afternoon Snack 🍌

Oatmeal porridge
Apple & mango puree


🍕 Dinner: Homemade Pizza 🍕

All you need to do, is to search for a dough recipe & throw whatever you feel like on the pizza! I was a little nervous the first time I made the dough, but found out it was super easy and been making it ever since. A piece of cake! Or a pizza ;)




The italian Parmigiana is made with eggplant, tomato puree & cheese and tastes pretty good so I thought putting some eggplant on my pizza was a good idea – and it was 👍 I also added pickles after the pizza was done cooking. Yummmmmyyyy


💟 Breakfast 💟

Hubs bought me this cute heartshaped cookie, how sweet of him (always trying to feed me unhealthy food :D). But let me tell you it was so good, it’s a soft gingerbread bisquit, soooo good. The other two are just regular butter bisquits with chocolate & coconut (I only ate one). Not the healthiest I know, but it is what it is. This is totally my husbands fault (yeah blame it on the husband, it’s always the husbands lol) he also bought these cookies! And I also added a banana, so I would have at least one thing there that is actually good for me.
I always drink coffee in the morning, but I wanna cut back on it and went with a black tea instead.


✨ Lunch: Soup/Stew ✨

Finally a healthy meal! I started off sautèing the onions in some oil, then added sliced carrots. They say it’s best to soak lentils in the water overnight to get all the good nutrients, but an hour before cooking will do too (that’s what I did). Then I added the lentils and a little bit of water. After a little I added celery, potatoes & cabbige (and leftover eggplant from the pizza) and some more water. I let it cook for a few minutes and then added two veggie broth cubes, some salt & pepper & some tomato paste.


Then I just cooked, stirred and tasted until it was ready :) It was very tasty and fullfilling.


Done. What you think? Is this an acceptable type of post? Would you be ok if I posted these every once in a while? I promise they will get better once I have my camera and computer!

The week is almost over hang on there. Lots of hugs 💖



15 thoughts on “What I eat in a day #1

  1. Everything looks amazing. I love home made pizza. I make it quite often. I struggled with the dough well still do sometimes lol sometimes it turns out perfect and other times hard. And omg I love coconut anything and that cookie looks yum !


    1. Thanks hun! The dought doesn’t always come out great, but I’ve seen that after it’s cooked it’s still the same good so I don’t sweat about it :) I love homemade pizza, cause I definitely prefer the fluffier and higher pizza ;)


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