OOTD #19 + Little Photographers

Gooood morning! It’s a beautiful day and this morning I took my boys out. I usually prefer to go out in the afternoon, but unless we wanna be cooked alive under the sun, it’s better to catch the morning freshness. The reason I prefer to go out in the afternoon is cause mornings are my productive time – I clean, I organize, I do yoga. For some reason I can’t get anything done in the afternoon! Is there someone else like me and what is your most productive time of the day?


Anyway, I thought I could also use my son to take photos of my outfit. After the playground I promised to take some photos of them if they took some of me and they did a good job :)


I am wearing a long dress I got from Denzel, my sandals are from there too. On my dress I have a lightweight sweater from Gruppofiori Italia (they sell different brands from Italy there like Jennifer & I don’t remember any other lol), I also rolled up my sleeves and tied it from my waist to give me at least some shape. My necklaces are serpentine and onyx crystals :) And the most important accessory – a hair tie as a bracelet! :D I always have one on my wrist for some reason. I think I’d feel lost without one.


Yes, I know I always have an angry face on my outfit photos! I swear it’s the sun in my eyes, I don’t look that mean all the time…I hope…


This one was taken by my (almost) 5 year old.



And these two were taken by my (almost) 7 year old, he also took the outfit photos. I think he has some potential hehheeehhee


My sweeties ❤

Moral of the story – who needs friends or a husband, if you can use your kids bahahahaahaaa What can I say, we all must use the resources we have. Our great-great-great grandparents put kids to work in the house and fields, I just make them take pictures :D

Have a good day everyone,



10 thoughts on “OOTD #19 + Little Photographers

    1. Grazie ^.^ Piú che altro cosa non ho fatto ai miei capelli, non li tingo/taglio dal febbraio scorso niente ferri o arricciacapelli da quasi 2 anni e niente prodotti oltre lo shampoo e balsamo :)


  1. They are so incredible cute and how they’ve so much patience to make photos of you and your outfits, when I sometimes asked to my girls to photography me they immediately begin to yell and say againnnnn :) ! Love your skirt ! “


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