Summer’15 Beauty Wishlist

Happy weekend butterflies! Since I don’t have any real material to blog about I thought I’d do a summer wishlist :) Wishlists are fun, right? I still don’t have my camera and computer, so I’m trying to make this blogging-again possible from my phone.

Bio primer by Neve cosmetics


I’m not into primers, I don’t wanna have layers of makeup on my skin and I usually don’t need my makeup to last long. But I love Neve cosmetics and their all natural, vegan & cruelty free products. I wouldn’t mind trying out this primer.

DueBaci liptick/pencil by Neve cosmetics


I would really love to try out these lipstick/liner pens. On one side there is a liner and on the other end there is slightly lighter lipstock for a ombre effect. I’m not a fan of ombre lips, but I am definitely a fan of Neve cosmetics and these gorgeous colors!

Color Crush long lasting eyeshadow by Kiko



These eyeshadows look great. I really want to try them out!

Yellow Dew Body Set by Kiko cosmetics


Maybe I should have called it the “things I’d like to try out list” instead of wishlist! Cause I’d really like to try out this set of fragnance, scrub and body fluid. They are hypoallerhenic and paraben free – sounds good to me :) I recently found out that Kiko is now cruelty free as most companies are in Europe do to a law, so that’s great news. They are not vegan and probably still have quite a bit harmful stuff in their products, but I can live with that.

Amazonian Wild Lily Fragrance Mist by The

Body Shop


I have a thing for green fragrances, they just remind me of fresh summer mornings. I don’t want to try this, this I want! :D The thing with The Body Shop is that it’s owned by L’Oreal, so even if it’s a cruelty free brand you’re still indirectly supporting a non-cruelty free company :(

essence brushes


So every time I go to a essence stand I only find one or two big face brushes and that’s it! It was like that in Italy and it’s the same here in Bulgaria. Whyyyy? I need me some essence eyeshadow brushes!

essence XXXL lipglosses


I have only tried the shine ones, but I loved them a lot, so now I need also the longlasting matte and nude ones in my life! Guess who’s gonna be raiding the essence stand soon? :D

essence lipliner


These are fantastic, ok!? I bought two of them (06 satin muave & 05 soft berry) a couple of months ago and I have been obsessed. I’m almost out of satin muave and I need more of these, more, mooooore!

Well, that’s it for now. It is a pain in the ass to look for stuff on the phone, save photos, get links etc. And wordpress starts to act weird, actually wordpress becomes a douchebag Prrrrrrrrr.
Anyway, I like to keep my wishlists realistic, no expensive or stuff I can’t get from my location. Even like this O never get anything from my wishlists cause I get distracted by other things lol. Are you like that too? What do you think of my humble wishlist?

Have a joyful weekend,



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