OOTD #20 Playground Chill

Hello Hello How are you sweethearts? I’m still reporting from my phone *sob sob* But I thought I’d share a quick outfit I wore, while taking my boys to the playground.



The weather is great, if you like the burning sun, but I don’t mind personally. It only sucks cause my older son has the sun allergy :( One day he told me:”Why did have to get this sickness! I want to play in the sun!” Awww 💔 I really hope he will grow out of it, cause there is no better thing then fresh air and sunshine and I want him to be able to enjoy it.



The first time in 7-8 years I’m showing my belly! Scary and liberating at the same time :) I have stretchmarks, I have flabby skin, hairy stomach and my bellybutton looks weird, but who cares! My tummy wanted some sunshine and I gave it to her :) Also as always I have an angry face but I promise you it’s cause of the sun in my eyes!


My whole outfit is from a shop called Denzel, I showed you the items in a haul. Again I need to thank my son for taking the pictures :)


Have a beautiful day friends,




8 thoughts on “OOTD #20 Playground Chill

        1. :D:D:D No, ho solo un pochino di babyfever, tutti vlog che guardo ci sono neonati e bebè ovunque, mi fanno venire la nostalgia quando erano appena nati i miei ^.^ Mi manca avere un piccino da coccolare


  1. Loved your outfit and your kids are so sweet to will make pictures of you, if it were mines ……you could forget it ! Your belly is in perfect condition, everyone can see :) !


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