Random Old Photos #1

Hi beauties! How are you? It’s June, my favorite month, cause it’s my and my sons birthday month. Yayyyy Plus the summer solstice is a big celebration in Estonia! I’m obviously not celebrating over here, I’ll just think about how much fun I used to have and live in the memory lane for a little.

Speaking about memories, I thought I’d share some old photos. I’ve been wanting to do a post about my hairstyles and stuff, but my photos are all scattered so I’m just gonna throw in some random pics, so you can see how far I’ve come or just laugh over me :P


Year 2007, I wanted to go blond and ended up with blond roots only. Come on Mammu, it’s a no-brainer that blond hair dye doesn’t show up on already colored dark hair… Still I wasn’t upset, I thought it was actually kind of cool!


Year 2004. I went blonde (kind of), it was a little yellowish, but it wasn’t that bad. My boyfriend back then thought blonde was amazing on me, but I didn’t agree and went back dark after a month and half. I just didn’t feel myself and it didn’t look quite right with my skin.


Year 2003. All natural hair – great, all natural eyebrows – not great! Enough said!


This was probably 2000 or so I was 12… This was my favorite hairstyle and sweatpants + crop top were very in! On the left my BFF, and we thought we were the coolest chicks bahahahaa By the way, this photo is so embarrasing, I’m thinking about doing a whole post about funny/embarrassing photos! What you think? Comment below if you’d like that ;)


Year 2005. Sorry about the messy bangs, they didn’t last long anyway, but I really loved the red hair.


Summer 2003, my 15th birthday. With my best male-friend. I smoked all my teen years, but I quit as soon as I became an adult. I guess there was no fun anymore if I was legally allowed to smoke. I had blonde meshes in my hair, they were ugly, too perfect and symmetric.

And that’s it for today :) I hope you enjoyed this little throwback post, or at least had a good laugh about me :P

Enjoy what’s left of Sunday
And have a good start to your week,



19 thoughts on “Random Old Photos #1

  1. It was very fun to see you in all kind of hair colours and the red en the dark colour you have now I like for most ! How crazy but fun we were when we were young eh not that I now am no longer but now I am much more mature ……. hahaha :) !

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    1. It was fun to try all these colors. I’m happy with my natural color right now, but all those old photos are tempting me to color my hair again!
      You, mature? Nah, I don’t believe that! 😁 You are just as crazy and fun as you were before, you have a young heart in you ❀❀❀

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  2. Sometimes it’s nice to have a look at who we’ve been and how we looked like ages ago…I’ve seen so many changes in your hair style and look, it means you’ve experienced also many sides of your personality. ;-)

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