Yayyy shopping! Haul & First Impressions


Hello sweethearts! As you know I still blog from my phone, it’s a pain in the ass to type on a phone plus the wordpress app really puts in the effort to f@#% things up with photos, but I managed to write a very long and detailed post and get the photos right after an agonising hour, I press publish and guess what….it published an EMPTY post! Well f@#% me! Sorry for the swearing, but I’m so pissed right now! I was so inspired and the words came easy for me and now I need to start again. I really wanna cry or break something!!!!

Ok, let me take a deep breathe and try to do as good job as the first time :)


First I went to lilly, a drugstore chain from Serbia. It was my first time there, it was nice to have different brands from the usual dm ones. My husband went to get a haircut with my older son Jürgen (apparently he danced the whole time hubs got his hair cut lol). I had time to kill and my little helper, Joonas with me. He behaved very well and wanted to now all the functions and purposes of different products :D


watte watte cotton buds

lilly handwash
⚪moisturising complex
⚪no parabens
⚪honey & milk extract
I would’ve preferred the lime & grapefruit one, but Joonas adores honey so how could I not please him :)

Bilka homeopathy natural whitening toothpaste
⚪paraben free
⚪mint free
⚪fluoride free
⚪sugar free
It is free of lot of crap, but there’s still other bad-for-you ingredients. It’s the best I could do though, it’s hard to find bio/all natural products, that “trend” hasn’t arrived here in bulgaria yet. A lot of brands that claim to be natural on the packaging are far from it. If I’m not mistaking, Bilka is a bulgarian brand. They are one of those brands that are less natural then they say, but still less harmful than a lot of others.

I really love this toothpaste! Other toothpastes of this kind have tasted awful, left residue on my teeth and made my teeth very sensitive & hurt. This one tastes amazing, it doesn’t leave a heavy toothpaste taste in your mouth, cleans my teeth perfectly and doesn’t make them hurt or sensitive at all.


mamma&baby SunMilk for kids
⚪immediate protection
⚪water resistant
⚪high protection
⚪SPF 50
I have mentioned, that, Jürgen suffers from sun allergy since last year and I needed a good sunscreen for him. I went to read online to get more info and it’s important to have UVA & UVB both. The last one didn’t have them both, so I’m really hoping this will help him to stay outside longer without getting the rash and scrathing himself like crazy!

VELNEA anti-dandruff sensitive shampoo
⚪for normal hair
⚪for dandruff free hair
⚪with Aloe Vera lead juice
⚪skin sensitive
For the past 10 months or so I’ve been having problems with dandruff and itchy scalp. I know it’s pretty common, but I still feel a little embarrassed admitting I have this problem. I’ve been trying to figure out the origins – do I have a zinc deficiency, do I have a really dry scalp, are my shampoos too agressive? The itchyness really gets to me, it’s so annoying and sometimes I get crusts on my head because of it. Yeah, gross I know. Sorry bout that. Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon. If you have any advice to give e, I’ll happily listen!

I used it this morning and so far so good. Cleaned my hair nicely and has a subtle delicate fragrance. I’ll need to wait and see how I like it.

VELNEA moisture care conditioner
⚪for dry and damaged hair
⚪with Royal Jelly
⚪skin friendly
I don’t know about you, but I prefer to get my shampoo and conditioner from different lines. This way I get the best of both worlds ;) Do you go with one line to get max results or do like a double function like I do?


BEAUTY FORMULAS Cucumber & Avocado facial scrub
⚪all skin types
⚪exfoliate & refresh
⚪for smoother, softer & more radiant skin


It left my skin moisturized, which is probably a good thing for most, but I don’t like it. I want my face to feel superclean and “stretched” afer a scrub. The smell is great and it’s also very lightweight and delicate, which makes it good for an everyday use.

I didn’t like it too much on my face, but I loved it on my chest area. It immediately got rid of all the tiny bumps and spots and left my skin soft and smooth. I might use this as a body scrub. Or a boob scrub ahahhaha

essence lipliner 12 wish me roses


Love these lipliner – they glide on smoothly, great color payoff and a tiny price!



Then we went to Denzel for some stuff. I also got undies and hats for my boys. Who said boys don’t have cute underwear?! :D And look how cute do my little helper look! 💟


I got my white dress! But I’m not stopping, I need mooore! Special thanks to my little helper, who struggled to take these photos this morning :D


And I got this cutie to wear under my lovely new dress 💕

Hope you enjoyed this post. See you soon cuties!




15 thoughts on “Yayyy shopping! Haul & First Impressions

  1. You bought a lot of things there eh and how I could see great things :) ! The white dress and both hats of your helpers were very nice ! If you want to try I have a receipt against dandruff ; Fill a bottle of shampoo with 1 cup of water (240 ml) and a table spoon of sodium bicarbonate, shake the bottle and ready is your shampoo ! To a wee while you go to reduce the dosage of bicarbonate until you no longer need ! Hope that this will help :) !?


    1. I have heard about using the bicarbonate as a shampoo but never tried it. I also heard that it can dry out the hair for some people, that’s why I was afraid. But I’m gonna try it now & let you know how it went 👍 Thank you :)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. To shop in a new country is always an interesting experience: drugstores sometimes offer you quality brands and products as well as weird but useful tools. You look great in the picture!


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