What I Eat In a Day #2

Hi there lovely people! My eating habits are not that interesting to be honest, but I thought it was time for a second post. I remember how excited I was during the first post, this time I find it hard to believe that someone will find this interesting to read. My double personality in action again :D What Marilyn thinks is cool, Mammu doesn’t like :D Let’s just get started, shall we?


-a slice of wholewheat bread with vegan margarine spread & bananas
-more bananas
-a peach
-few pieces of fresh coconut


-rice & salad:
-salt, pepper, red pepper

Probably looks very boring, but I love simple meals like this. This combination was perfect for a hot summer day – fresh, tasty & crunchy :)


-ice cream

You can’t go wrong with ice cream!


Sorry about the photo, but a thunderstorm decided to join the party just as soon as I made my plate! Rude!


Another mega simple meal

I mashed/sliced (one wasn’t ripe enough, but I only noticed when I already opened it ) avocados, added some dill and other spices. I served with a bit of mayo and all done.

What do you think? Would you eat those meals or are they too simple for your taste? How do you like to eat every day?

Take care loves,



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