Random Old Photos #2

Happy Saturday friends 💝 Here’s another bunch of old photos. I hope you enjoy :)


Summer 2011. Me & hubs somewhere at the Lake Maggiore in Italy.


Summer 2012. Me & hubs a little chubbier then the year before :P This was taken on our balcony, we only lived there for 9 months – great view, terrible neighbours…
You can see my hair is red on the roots. Instead of bleaching my hair to get rid of black, I started dyeing my roots with red until I had red hair 👍


May 2008. Slightly preggo and slightly swollen :D


June 2010. Ready to pop my second son. At least I wasn’t as swollen as the first time! Don’t mind the little boob sweat on my dress 😂 Give me a break, I was 8 months pregnant and it was 30+ degrees!


November 2008. I remember this moment so well. It was the first time going out without my first newborn. I still had a lot of weigh to lose, but it was the first time I felt pretty again.


March 2009. Couple of months forward from the last photo, lost a little baby weight and got my hair done 💇


Almost 14. I told you I liked white :D And I loved all those silly hats…


13 and enjoying the life of a rock star ahahahahaa just kidding, but I did love the time I was in the local orchestra/big band. Music is life 🎷🎶

Have an amazing weekend loves,



8 thoughts on “Random Old Photos #2

    1. Purtroppo niente roba ancora 😭 è mio marito che deve andare a prendere le cose, ma non ci riesce mai.
      Sono felice, che ti piacciono le vecchie foto :) A me mi diverte molto guardare le foto vecchie degli altri e vedere come sono cambiati con gli anni :) Buon weekend cara!

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  1. amazing and so cute these photos, in some I recognise you immediately in others you look a bit different but always Marilyn :) ! The picture where you was 14 was incredible lovely, you rocked !! :)


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