Rexona pure protection deodorant review

Hi loves 💕 Today I’m here with a little review. I’ve told in the past, that I suck at reviews and I don’t like to write them, so take that as a my opinion/my experience post.


I was drawn to this deodorant for the formula. It has 0% alcohol, parabens, colourant & perfume. All the gunk they put in deodorants is really bad for us and has been linked to breast cancer. After all what do we expect when we go against nature, not letting our body do something so natural can’t be good! Anyway the idea of this deodorant is good, but that’s about it.


It says 48h active protection and long lasting protection, but it doesn’t even work in first place! It’s like spraying air on your armpits (maybe that was the idea? To cool down the area lol). Simple baking soda does a better work than this deodorant!

My final say is: don’t bother buying this product!


And today is my 10 year anniversary with my Love 💗 He told me our apartment owner was sending someone to check on some things this morning, but in reality he just wanted to make sure I was at home for the flowers ❤ Awwwwwww

Have a great day beautiful people,



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