Birthday shopping (kind of)

Heyyya loves! My birthday was on 17th and I was waiting for the weekend to do some bday shopping. But as always when I plan something, things don’t go my way :D You know the feeling when you can’t wait to shop and when the day arrives you’re not in the mood 😥 #firstworldproblems So I wasn’t in the mood to start with & I couldn’t find the things I liked in my size :(


Diary/journal I’ve been journaling since I was 11/12, lately more then before, it only took me 6 months to finish the last one.

I started to write down everything I’m grateful for (almost) every day. It seems such a small thing to do or maybe you think you already are grateful, but believe me when I say, writing it down changes everything! I am not the only one who has experienced a huge positive change in life after starting to do this. You should try it, there is nothing to lose here 💜

I also write down positive affirmations and stuff I let go (search Luule Viilma “Teaching of Survival). If you’re interested I could make a post about journaling and how to use it to improve your life, let me know 🌟

bioten skin moisture refreshing tonic lotion
⚫normal/combination skin
⚫paraben free
⚫paraffin free
⚫colorant free
⚫alcohol free
⚫100% natural
⚫hydro nutrient

I don’t really believe that 100% natural thing, but I’m sure it’s less harmful than a lot of others :) What I don’t like so much is it’s extremely sweet smell, but I’ll see how it works for my skin.

Pencil sharpener

I left mine at the other house and needed a new one. I tried to use a normal one as an emergency solution…didn’t work out very well as you can imagine. Don’t try it, you’ll just waste your pencils!

BU Hippy soul perfume deodorant spray

I needed a summer fragrance and it’s just what I was looking for – fresh, sweet & delicate, it screams happy :)

flormar nail enamel 422 Electric Pink
I haven’t painted my nails since last summer, but I was in a mood for a happy bright summer color :)

essence stay natural concealer

I believe I have praised this concealer a few times on my blog, nothing has changed, I really love this concealer 👍

essence XXXL shine lipgloss 29 cute pink

I am starting to really miss having all my makeup here, so I’ve started buying new stuff. I can’t miss a pink gloss from my collection ^.^

s•he stylezone eyebrow gel

I don’t know anything about this brand, but I believe it’s a dm brand. I’ve been wanting to try something from this brand since I moved to Bulgaria last spring. It was the last one left so I thought it must be good :D So far seems pretty good to me :)

That’s it for my tiny shopping trip. I’m in a pretty crappy mood, I’m frustrated and I want my things 😭 I feel guilty for wanting my stuff, it’s not like I’m walking around naked – I have all the necessities, but it would be nice to have a bigger choice. And my computer and camera of course. And my kids want the rest of their stuffed animals. I also feel guilty for forcing my husband to waste his free day to sit on a bus for 6+ hours, take the metro to the bus station and back and struggle with bags and suitcases. I know he doesn’t want to go. He’d prefer if we’d all go, but no thank to that stress. Can you imagine all that adding two small kids to that!? Nope! Sorry for the rant guys, I just need to let some steam out.

Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend,




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