Journaling 📖 How I use it to improve my life

Hi darlings, today I have a different topic for a change. I said I won’t be just a beauty blogger, but I still haven’t really blogged about anything else yet. I want to talk about journaling today, how it has helped me in my life and to share tips & tricks.


👆Some of my journals/diaries/notebooks with crystals & a piece of a rowan tree from my grannys garden (estonians use it for protection, especially when travelling)👆

A little background. I have been journaling since I was 11/12 I think. Even before that my grandmother made me keep a diary, when I stayed at her place in the summer, to practise writing & to improve my handwriting. I haven’t always been constant, I have left diaries unfinished, I’ve taken long breaks but I always come back to it. I have been constant (no breaks over a week) in couple of years now. I have wrote in simple notebooks, pretty journals, on my computer, in small pocket diaries – a little bit of everything :)

My evolution. As I said, I have finally managed to stay constant in the past few years. Before I had my on & off periods. I started off just writing about school, crushes, friends, the usual teen stuff and went to a complain mode after. I started only to write about negative feelings and experiences & mostly concentrated on that. My diary was my friend, who had time to listen me whine about stuff and didn’t judge me. It may seem as a good thing, but it’s not. Negativity draws more negativity. That is a fact. Sometimes I go back to these diaries to bring back some cool memories, but get depressed instead! I think I threw away one, cause there was no important events or memories, just a lot of negativity. Fortunately I got out of this vicious circle and it was a life changer



👆Starting a new one soon – so exciting! Every diary has a different theme or personality 👆

Life changing. I don’t remember, where the turning point was, but I was at a point in my life, where I felt so fed up with feeling sad, depressed and being negative all the time. I wanted a change & started taking baby steps. I went tried out different things to find out what works for me. They will change your life, that I can guarantee, you just need to try them out :) Let’s talk about some things I like to do & write down in my diary, besides the normal “what I did today” journaling.

Gratitude. Thankful. Blessed. This is the biggest thing, so many people have tried writing down things they are thankful (almost) every day and they all say it had a huge impact on their lives. I agree, I am one of these people! Some say you can also do a imaginary list in your head, but I feel that the action of writing it down gives it extra positive energy. And it’s also nice to go back and look at things you were thankful and compare to now.

When I started I thought it would be hard to find a lot of things to write, but it was hard to stop. Things kept coming and coming. Some days good things happen & you can write about that, other days are not so good, so concentrate on basic things: i am thankful for having a roof over my head, i am thankful to have enough to eat, i am thankful to be healthy, i am thankful to have a loving husband, i am thankful to have children, i am thankful for a beautiful sunny day, i am thankful for being able to go for a walk in the nature, i am thankful for having a lot of energy today, i am thankful i had a nice chat with an old friend.
I hope my examples were helpful. As you can see there are lot of small things to be thankful for. And feel everything as you’re writing it down, feel the energy. Feel how blessed you are for having a place to live in, because too many people don’t have that. Feel the love, when you write about being blessed with certain people in your life. Feel the happyness for the blessing of meeting a likeminded person. Be thankful also for things that didn’t go well, cause they taught you a lesson made you stronger or made a better opportunity possible.

No need to repeat the same basic things every day, every day is different, every day has it’s blessings & blessings in disguise and it’s energy. Go with what you feel. Usually when I had a not so good day I concentrate on things like having my kids and husband, having enough food, shelter and our health.

Soon, if not right away, you’ll start to realize you have so much more than you thought. You will feel better, happier, luckier and it will call more good things to your life! Just try it! I promise you won’t be disappointed ✨


👆I journal in estonian, pretty convenient to be living somewhere people can’t read my diary. Sorry, no secrets on this page👆

Affirmations. The positive ones of course. You can search for them online or make up your own. If you are worried about something you can write: everything will work out, i will be ok, i am protected, i am safe, i am loved. Or maybe you have a dream or a goal: i can do this, i will get there, i have what it takes, i am strong and determined, the right path will show itself. These are just small examples, you can make them as long and detailed as you want.

I am not that into affirmations, but everyone has a different method that works for them. I do believe in affirmations, but I right now they are not for me. Just as with being thankful, you need to feel the energy as you write them. Feel what it’s like to be safe, to be loved. What it feels like, when you reach that goal, be in the energy you are calling in with your affirmations.

I’m sorry. Often I like to write down apologies to let go of the negative energy. It can be general: I apologize to everyone I hurt today with my words & actions, please forgive me I did not mean to harm anyone. It can be referred to a person & situation: dear husband, I am sorry for being mean to you today, I was in a very bad mood & that is not an excuse to treat anyone bad, I am sorry for hurting your feelings, forgive me my moodyness. Of course you can also say these things in person or you can do it mentally, but the important thing is it will set free that negative energy and releases everyone involved. The other person will feel the energy and of course again, you need to feel it, you need to really mean that. Try to put yourself in their shoes to feel how you hurt them and your apology comes out more sincere.


👆My knowledge journal/notebook, where I write down information about natural medicine, crystals, energies, astrology, magic, mystical things and a lot more. In estonian, english & italian 👆

Stress releasing in the style of Luule Viilma. So I only write down, which ones I released, but let’s talk about what it means. According to Luule Viilma all health problems come from stress and with stress she means fears, guilt, anger. Also unreleased situations, painful memories. You can release anxiety, egoism, unfairness – everything. Every stress is related to a certain problem and she goes to details with these stresses. It’s not just letting go of fear guilt, anger etc. It’s the fear of being ridiculed; anger for not getting what you want; guilt of not being a good mother and so on.

I love her books and have been studying/practising since I was 17. I have had my on and off periods, but I can say from my own experience, that if done correctly and from your heart, it does miracles! Check out the website The Teaching of Survival to know more about her teachings and methods. And let me know if you’d like me to talk more about this teaching on my blog.

Loving messages. Maybe you need some extra love or maybe you want to send love to someone else, write it down! Example: “Dear Friend, I love you! You are beautiful and talented and so special, you deserve the best in life, you deserve love. Please don’t forget how amazing you are. Thank you for all the times you’ve been there for me, thank you for your love. You are loved too, always.” And remeber – you need to feel it! Write to yourself to remeber you are enough and you are worth it! It doesn’t matter if this love and appreciation comes from others or yourself, love is love and love heals!

Praise & keep it positive. Another thing you can do, is to write down all the good things of your day. Also all the things you did, like vacuuming, cleaning, working out – cause being productive is a good thing. Write it down as a praise for yourself, I did something today 👍
No matter how small or big, write it down! Feel good about yourself, give a pat to yourself :)

I think that’s it for now :) Let me know what are your thought & experiences. Comment if you want me to write more this kind of posts. Leave me a line down below of you want me to do a post about Luule Viilma’s teachings.

Peace & Love,
I am sending all of you so much love,



7 thoughts on “Journaling 📖 How I use it to improve my life

  1. Quanto mi è piaciuto questo post!!!!!
    Lo sai come la penso, io cerco di essere sempre positiva e amo le persone che lo sono e che nonostante tutto, vedono il bello nelle piccole cose.
    Un grosso bacio & keep on smiling babe x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Che bello, sono davvero felice, che ti è piaciuto il mio post! :) Nel mondo di oggi ci vuole molta pratica e forza do volontà per tenere l’atteggiamento positivo, ma poi diventa una cosa naturale :)

      Un grosso bacio anche a te tesoro e buon inizio settimana ❤


  2. E’ sempre bello leggerti, Mammu! <3
    Io – lo vedrai nel post di domani – voglio comprare un'agenda per fare del planning: non sono molto costante nell'aggiornamento di diari segreti (come te, ne ho tantissimi iniziati e mai finiti), ma mi solletica tantissimo l'idea di tenere un agenda da decorare con cui organizzare meglio la vita.
    Un abbraccio!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Also I am keeping a lot of written things but I don’t have an real agenda and it should be nice to buy one ! It was very positive to read your post, love your ideas and the release of them, thanks :) !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, it’s great to hear. To buy a cute journal will definitely help to continue writing in it 👍 I also keep two small journals for my kids and write stuff about them, I plan giving them to my boys when they turn 16 :)

      Liked by 1 person

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