Schedule program

Hey there sweet followers. First of all I want to thank all of you, who stuck with me through all the changes, absences and chaos! I know I’m a mess, I can’t decide anything and I always change my mind, sorry for that. I can’t change my mercurial essence, but I can try to be a little more constant.

For that I created a blogging schedule, that wouldn’t bore me or overwhelme me and so you guys know what and when to wait for a post. I think I owe you this much. It might change in the future, knowing me, but I will let you know and I will also create a page to check the schedule if you forget or are new to my blog. How does that sound for you?

I made four main categories to divide the days. I will put out a post every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. And one post every other Wednesday.

Tuesdays it will be everything non-conventional, alternative, spirituality, alternative healing, plants & herbs, holistic health, astrology. You get the idea.

Wednesdays are for housewife, food, home related stuff. But remember it’s every other week, not weekly.

Thursdays will be dedicated for what I originally created my blog – makeup, beauty and fashion.

Saturdays are all about me. I will be giving my thoughts about various topics, life updates, random stuff about my life, my experiences etc.

What do you think? I kind of feel like I should do a separate category/day for astrology since there is so much to talk about. Well let me know your thoughts and suggestions on this new schedule!

Enjoy your Sunday or Happy new week to those on the other side of this planet 😘



14 thoughts on “Schedule program

  1. Getting organised feels great, the hard part is sticking to it 😂 I think there should be a separate category for astrology too, maybe some people only want to hear about that and not the rest or relates stuff. Happy Sunday!

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    1. Thanks hunny 💞 Yep, I agree, sticking to it is the diffucult part. I’ll try to “milk” the days I feel the most inspired and motivated, so I’ll have plenty of posts ready :)

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  2. If you can stick to that and keep up the quality of your posts, that’s great :) It’s just that I noticed that a lot of youtubers have that schedule, but often times their videos seem so “forced” and they lack substance and interesting information.. as if they’re overwhelmed with their own schedule..
    Anyway, if your own schedule is manageable to you and helps you to be more constant, then do it! :)

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    1. Yes, I totally understand what you mean. Most of youtubers only makes videos about 1 theme as in beauty stuff, recipes, parodies etc. I think having so many different things to write about will keep from getting bored and running out of things to write about :) I will make the most of the days I feel like writing and make sure I have lots of posts ready to go. Hopefully it works out :)


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