Plantago Major

Hello. I’ve told several times I wanted this blog to be about all the things that interest me and it’s about time I start talking about other than my usual beauty & outfit posts. I am definitely no expert on the topic of herbs, plants and natural/folk medicine but if you wait until you’re ready then you might never be! Right? Besides, that’s why I started to blog about makeup too, to connect with like minded people and I learned so much in the process! Sharing helps me to learn better. I try to use mostly estonian sources for these plants/herbs/natural medicine post, cause you can all google this stuff in english, but maybe this way you can learn something different :) Let’s get started :)


This seemingly insignificant and modest weed is the most important healing plant in my book! I learned about it’s benefits and proprieties already in my early childhood, as most estonian kids do I’m sure, my mother always praised this small, but strong plant! It is still widely used as a folk medicine in Estonia.

The most used name for plantago major in estonian is “teeleht”, which means “the leaf of a road/path/way”. That’s because it loves to grow where people walk.


⚫The most common use for it is to stop bleeding. As a child, whenever I hurt myself playing in the garden I placed a plantago leaf on my scratch/cut. You get the best result if you crush it a little, so the juice from it reaches the wound.

⚫Use a crushed leaf, juice or extract on a bruised or rubbed spot and on a burn.

⚫Dried green leaves in a tea form work well as an expectorant.
1glass of boiling water + 1tbls of leaves, let sit for 15min. 1tbls 3 times per day before eating.

⚫Both juice & seeds are even used to cure stomach and intestinal ulcers.


photo source

⚫It works wonders to get the pus out of wounds. It works fast and painlessly. Crush the leaves, place where needed, close and tie up to keep in place.
My mothers partner had a big burn on his back and it was getting real bad, he wanted to go to the doctor but my mom used crushed plantago leaves and when he woke up in the morning the leaves had pulled out all the pus and the redness was gone. While with another wound he went to see a doctor, who used a knife to get the pus out. Now which one do you think hurt the most?

⚫It helps to relieve bee stings and bug bites (such as mosquitoes) cause it helps to bring out the poison

⚫In cosmetics it is used for greasy scalp and on skin with large pores


photo source

⚫The seeds can help with diarrhea

⚫Helps to get down a swelling

⚫Fresh leaves can be used in foods

Plantago leaves:
Expectorant, toning, help to stop the bleeding, clean blood, painkillers, antiseptic, lower blood pressure, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory.
Seeds are used for diarrhea, gynecological problems, infections and are diuretic and expectorant.

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That’s it for today, I hope you learned something useful :) Next tuesday I will choose another sub-category to post about. You can check my schedule page to see what I post about on tuesdays.

Until next time 🌾



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