Empties #10


Hey cuties, it’s time for a beauty related post and it has been quite a while since my last empties post. Let’s jump into it!


Eveline cosmetics Mattifying and Moisturizing Cream

I enjoyed its lightweight formula very much, it’s delicate and absorbs quickly. The price is great too, so I recommend it. However my face skin does not like creams, never has. I personally don’t believe creams are necessary unless your skin “asks” for it. My skin “asks” me to not use any most of the time and we’re both happy this way. I’m gonna look for a vegan or a more natural option for my next cream :)

bioten nutritive eye make-up remover
⚫hydro nutrient
⚫paraben free
⚫paraffin free
⚫colorant free
⚫100% natutal
⚫cotton extract
It’s a good eye makeup remover, I don’t really have anything bad to say about it. But we didn’t “bond” too much, so on to the next one :P


Kiko Ultra Tech mascara
I have gone through so much of these, I love this mascara! Too bad I never did a review on it, but you can find plenty of makeup looks, where I used it to see the effect. I really love the two sided brush it has and of course the formula! I highly HIGHLY recommend this mascara ;)

Neve cosmetics Rugiada per Makeup
⚫Mixing medium & eye base
⚫cruelty free
⚫fragrance free
If you didn’t know – I love Neve cosmetics, such a great brand and I think it’s great that my two favorite italian makeup brands (Kiko & Neve) are having international success!
About the product, I didn’t like it too much as an eye base, but it’s great versatile products. I used it to create eyeliners & colored mascara from mineral eyeshadows & pigments, I also used it as brow gel. If you are in need of a product like this, then I recommend it!

Neve cosmetics Mini kabuki
I got this tiny kabuki brush back in 2012 and it was a great brush until a month ago when it started shedding a lot of hair :(  Bye bye old friend.


essence purifying nose strips
First time I ever used nose strips, pretty fun. I love the tickling feeling on my nose, when it’s on cause I know it means my nose is getting a good clean-up. My nose has never been so smooth and shiny 😂😂😂

Rexona pure protection 48h active deodorant
I think I said enough, when I reviewed it. 👎

Have a lovely day,



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