School: Is it worth it?

Hello everyone, today is “me day”, on saturdays I post about my opinions, thoughts, experiences, favorites and my life in general.


There is something on my mind right now, something I can’t understand. I’ve seen a lot of photos about children going to school in war zones or after natural disasters. I saw a photo of a father carrying his daughter to school on his shoulders through waist high water. Am I crazy to ask why? I have nothing against learning and education, but when did school become more important than your childs wellbeing? How can you send your child to school knowing a drone could hit one moment or another, a bomb… To me this is madness. Also sending them to school right after some kind of disaster, flooding, earthquake – why take the risk!


And then there are the charities and organisations who always want to build schools in places where poverty rules or again after war or disasters. Do these kids have a roof over their heads? A bed? Food? Clean water? When did education become more valuable then human life?!


Am I being too dramatic? Maybe, maybe not. But doesn’t this make you think, that something is seriously wrong in the world. I mean, there is a lot of wrong in the world, but this seems so evil to me, cause they make it seem like a good thing, heroic I would say. I get that maybe some people want to keep the normality for their children during tough times or that people living in poor regions need education to have a better future, but the price might be too high to pay and these kids might not see the future at all…


Just my thoughts, leave yours in the comments.
Have a relaxing weekend,



6 thoughts on “School: Is it worth it?

  1. Penso che chi vive in zone di guerra in costante stato di pericolo o in condizioni gravissime a causa di un disastro naturale per sopravvivere cerchi la normalità della routine e quindi anche della scuola, perché attendere tempi migliori significherebbe attendere a lungo, forse per anni, e quindi non vivere affatto e non permettere ai figli di muovere un passo. Io ringrazio di non dovermi trovare a fare una scelta di quel tipo…non so se ne sarei capace. Buon week end :)


    1. Capisco cosa intendi. Se mai dovesse arrivare la guerra dove sono io me ne andrei a vivere nei boschi. Tanto lo voglio fare già adesso – fanculo la civiltà, fanculo la scuola, fanculo la normalità :D :D :D


  2. Great article and I in first person wouldn’t take the risk sending my kids to school in a war zone and I believe that the study and development of our children are not worth facing the risk of mutilation and death !

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    1. I’m glad to hear you agree. It’s a very delicate subject and I was a little afraid to write it, but not too many people read it so it’s ok ahahahah


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