Luule Viilma: A Healer and A Teacher

Hello, beautiful souls ✨ Today I’d like to talk about a woman who’s teachings have helped me (and many others) a lot. If you’re interested in healing your life with your thoughts, then keep on reading :)


Luule Viilma was an estonian doctor, esotericist and practitioner of alternative medicine. She started out as a gynaecologist, but already then she had a different approach, which her patients highly appreciated. She always tried to solve problems without a knife, without having to cut open anyone. Later on she found her true calling and started helping people. More and more people went to her for help, she got tired of explaining the basics of her method over and over, so she wrote a little booklet to read before the consultations, which later turned to a book. And a second, and third and so on.

I found her first book from my mothers bookshelf. I started reading it, but as soon as I read this sentence “life was not meant to fun, but to learn”, I stopped. Of course, I was only 16, that was a very scary concept to me! Later that year, when I packed my bags to go to live in Italy that book wanted to come with me. This time it was different. I studied that book from the start to finish, I wrote down all the information I needed, I analysed every page, every word. I analysed myself, the people around me and found a whole new way to see the world!
I’ve been active and non with her teachings for the past 10yrs now.


What does she teach exactly? Love, forgiveness, letting go are the keywords. All our health problems are caused by stress and by stress she means negative emotions like fear, anger, guilt, envy etc. But they only create us problems if we hold on to them, if we hold on then these stresses on us keep growing until there is a disease, illness. If we get rid of the illness with medicine, or operation then it will come back as something else until we learn the lesson and let go of the stress tied to it. But don’t go hating on the stress or the illness, they are not the enemy, but friends who came to help us, to help us learn, to help us grow.

Our body is our friend, a companion in our journey on Earth. Our bodies love us more then anyone in the world, yet we treat them so bad. We abuse them, we constantly think ugly thoughts about them, we hurt them with too much work, drugs, alcohol, bad eating habits, chemicals. How would you feel in your bodys place? Our body doesn’t speak in words, but with feelings and sensations. It’s our body that generates the illness, the health problem to show us where we need to learn and what to let go and forgive. Every little part corresponds to a different stress.


She also talks a lot a about relationship between man and women. Also between parents and children. How everyone has their role to play, how we love to blame others in everything. Two quotes that got stuck to my head are:

There are no faults, no blame, only errors and errors are for learning

If you feel bad, then you have a problem. It’s not the other person or the situation!

This really made me take responsibility for my own life and feelings. It is so easy to blame everything on others. Let’s say you are doing repairs in your home, something goes wrong, someone ruins something. It’s the workers fault, you would say. But the truth is, they are just playing a part to show you where you need to learn. Instead it’s your fear of something going wrong or maybe your need of perfectionism has grown too big or maybe you are afraid of the unexpected or you want to control things too much. Lots of possibilities, you need to find out your problem and then let it go.

There is so much to write about, I’m a bit frustrated because I want to show the whole picture and cover everything, but it’s practically impossible to do. Help :D Let me just quickly explain how to let go in Luule Viilma style and then continue on this topic another time. There are many ways to let go and anyone is free to do how they feel is the best for them :)

Let’s take the fear of not being loved as an example cause according to Luule, this fear is the root to everything else!

Dear Fear of not being loved, please forgive me that I made you a prisoner inside of me, instead of learning the lessons and letting you go. Forgive me for making you grow bigger and bigger and hurting myself and others with that.
I ask forgiveness from everyone I have hurt with my Fear of not being loved, I did not mean to hurt you. My dear Body, please forgive that I have kept the Fear of not being loved inside of me and hurt you with that, I love you.
I forgive myself for keeping this fear inside of me and hurting myself and others with that. I let go of all the guilt related to this.
Dear Fear of not being loved, I now open the door of my prison and set you free. I’m sorry I didn’t do this earlier, now we are both free! Thank you for your help and lessons!

Probably sounds pretty nuts to a common human being :D But for someone learning about spirituality not so much. Luule healed people with these method from very difficult diseases and saved many lives. She could “see” inside of people, she found the problems, taught people to let go and forgive and gave them what they needed to work on and those people cured themselves.
I think it’s pretty obvious just saying these things doesn’t help, you need to feel it, believe it and imagine it. Imagine the stress flying away from the body.

Her teachings helped me the most during my second pregnancy. It wasn’t so much the physical aspect, but mental. It was a very difficult time, I can’t talk about here on the blog, but I’m gonna just tell that it was a very bad time to be pregnant. And even with all that was going on, I was the calmest I’ve ever been, I wasn’t afraid of the things I usually am afraid, I wasn’t worried. Every time something bothered me, I immediately dealt with it. When I was angry with my husband I forgave him and let go, cause anger only causes harm. When something worried me I started releasing it. Etc. I get stressed very easy, I get irritated and I have a bunch of phobias, but at the time that was supposed to be the hardest, I was the happiest! I need to get back to that level :)

I’m sorry I’m all over the place, but it’s really hard to explain it all in one post! I hope you understood enough to get you at least a little curious ^.^ I will be back with more another week. You can read more about her & her teachings here.

Have a peaceful day my loves,



5 thoughts on “Luule Viilma: A Healer and A Teacher

  1. Interesting and I like the way how she thinks that without blaming someone first to make and have a good look to yourself……….to begin by yourself, the base where all from goes ! Can’t wait for your next post telling about her :) !


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