My favorite Instagram accounts

Hello and Happy weekend friends! Today I want to share my favorite instagram accounts with you as you can tell from the title :)

Black Jaguar-White Tiger

This is hands down my favorite account, you can’t even imagine how much I enjoy the photos and videos of this account! My husband showed it to me and I was like, ok I’ll follow – couple of months later I am obsessed! I could just watch Eddie (owner of the account, one of the founders) play with his kids (lions, tigers, jaguars – big cats basically) all day every day. The photos are cute, but videos are out-of-this-world-my-heart-is-gonna-explode cute!


Another thing I love about this account is Eddie himself, his love for the animals, his personality, his sense of humor, his beliefs and life philosophy. He is saving so many animals with the help of others, he is making this world a better place for all his children and he inspires me (and surely many others) to be a better person every day!


Other than big cats, he also has two very handsome dogs:

Chiquitin – he might be small, but he’s The Boss around there

Guapo – ahhhggjjcagshiwkwn that was my attempt of explaining how adorable and fluffy 



This is a great account if you love astrology or want to learn more about it. She does a great job explaining the influences and energies going on every day. And she also talks about other things besides astrology. This is an account to follow for the information in the caption, not for the pictures although her pictures are always very beautiful and enjoyable.


If you’re into boho/hippie style then this is the place for you! If you’re not, then this is still the place for you beсause PRETTY THINGS!


Lots of accessories, flash tattoos, bikinis, crochet, white dresses, barefoot on the the beach – these are some of the words to describe this account.

Trust me on this, every girl who likes summer and pretty things should be following her!


Here’s an account, that many of you probably won’t like :P Vegansidekick makes drawings/comics about veganism.




If you like nature, medieval stuff, cats and Norway, then you should check her out. This beautiful norvegian girl posts stunning photos about nature, her cute cat (cats?) and other lovely things. To look at her photos makes me feel so peaceful :)



There are soooooo many vegan and raw vegan accounts on instagram, but at the moment I like this one the most. I’ll probably do a separate post about these accounts. But in the meantime, admire her food pictures that will
make you crave healthy food :)


A controversial account for some of you or for many of you. But if you don’t want to be a sheep, you should check out this account. Great info and if you don’t agree with something just do your own research.



👆Same as the last account 👆 Food for thought.



All the latest news about what’s going on in the world, news that should get more attention then the usual media crap.


It took me so long to get this post up, cause wordpress was seriously fucking my brains. Sorry for the language, but it was incredibly frustrating. I had to make some changes in this post, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Byeeee 🌸



9 thoughts on “My favorite Instagram accounts

    1. Maggior parte sono vegana, ma per ora a volte mangio ancora latticini e uova e magari sushi una volta all’anno :) Diciamo che sono sulla strada verso veganismo


        1. Quando vogliono mangiano altro, ma a casa non cucino carne per loro.
          Sono già stata vegetariana in passato, ma sono rimasta incinta e essendo vegetariana da poco non sapevo come gestire la gravidanza.
          Per i soliti motivi come gli animali e salute. Ho sentito da subito un grandissimo aumento di energie :)


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