Linden Tree and Flowers

Hello dear ones, today I’m talking about another important plant/tree from my childhood – Linden, also called Lime(is not closely related to the Lime fruit tree) or Tilia. We have this huge old tree in the garden of my childhood home and every year we would harvest the flowers for tea 🍵 Linden is also acknowledged by conventional medicine. Linden is a known medicine-tree in many Europe countries besides Estonia, like Norway, Germany, France and Britain. It’s not only the flowers and buds that have healing properties, but young leaves and inside part of the bark. The flowers are fast to dry already at 30°-40°C and are good to use for two years.


Linden flowers are anti-infection, calming and contain vitamin C and provitamin A. It is good to drink linden flower tea as soon as you feel you’re getting a cold or flu. It will help you heal quickly cause it will make you sweat and encourages the kidneys to work more, which eliminates the toxins and bacteria faster from your body.
The tea is also good for agitated children and helps with appetite, it encourages the bile flow.


Don’t use it more then 3 weeks continuously for chronic problems,  take at least 1,5month break. Since it encourages the elimination of potassium and other minerals it’s important to be careful for those suffering from heart and muscle issues. And if you are taking medications to thin the blood!


⚫The tea helps to sweat and eases headaches from tension and wind. 2tbls of dried flowers + 1class of boiling water, let it sit for 15minutes and then drink as soon as possible.

⚫For throat infection, pharyngitis, angina or face cleanse. 3tbls of dried flowers + 1class of boiling water + a knife tip of baking soda, let it sit for 10ninutes. Use it for gargling and rinsing the mouth and throat or to cleanse the face


⚫Encourages gall bladder activity, relieves rheumatic and podagra/gout pain. 2tbls of dried flowers + 1class of boiling water, let sit for 30minutes. When it’s cooled down, drink 20minutes before a meal


⚫In the spring it is possible to make tea or vitamin salad from young linden leaves or buds. Wash them with cold water, chop finely and use in a salad with chives (allium schoenaprasum), dill and parsley.
People suffering from mastitis or hemorrhoids should drink this tea for about 2 weeks.

⚫ The substance/shaving under the bark has been one of the best cures in estonian folk medicine for old wounds that don’t want to heal.  The substance is rubbed until foamy and then placed on the wound.


⚫Spring tea – 2tbls of chopped young leaves or buds + 1class of boiling water, let sit for 10minutes and drink slowly after meals

Ok, it’s a wrap. I hope it was helpful and enough information :) Take care and I’ll be posting also tomorrow (I was supposed to post every other wednesday, but I already have  a post ready so why wait)


See you soon,



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